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Bowman DNA Project

Created 2004
  • 285 members

About us


When observing the Bowman Y-DNA results, one may question why there are so many members who do not match with any other members of the project. It appears Non-Paternal Events may have occurred in the Bowman family over the many generations! We have been advised that DNA tests do not lie.

The term "Non-Paternal Event" refers to a break in the Y-Chromosome line due to a formal or informal adoption, name change, "extramarital event" (infidelity), child known by other surname (mother's maiden name, stepfather's name) etc.

Types of non-paternal events include but are not limited to:
(1) Pregnancy outside of a marriage
(2) Adoption (formal or informal)
(3) Man married pregnant widow
(4) Children known by stepfather's name
(5) Man took wife's name and/or children given the wife's surname
(6) Man changes name - various reasons
(7) Aliases
(8) Illegitimacy - child given mother's surname

NOTE: Adoptions have always been common in every age. Parents died by disease or war and a relative took in the children and raised them with their name. Daughters had children out of wedlock and the grandparents (or other relatives such as brothers) raised their children as their own.

Non-Paternal Events in the Bowman family certainly provide mysteries for family researchers.