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Bowman DNA Project

Created 2004
  • 299 members

About us

Welcome to the Bowman DNA Project. Since 2004, members of the Bowman family have been utilizing genealogy by genetics (with Family Tree DNA) in search of their ancestry. By submitting to DNA testing, one can see how their DNA results compare with the DNA results of other Bowman descendants. Y-Chromosome DNA Testing: Find out more about your direct Bowman male ancestor by submitting to Y-Chromosome DNA testing. This test is for males only. Males with other spellings of the name (such as Boman, Bauman, Baumann, Beauman, and Beaumont) are welcome to participate in this project. Mitochondrial DNA Testing: You can learn more about your direct female ancestor by submitting to Mitochondrial DNA testing. This test is for both males and females. Autosomal DNA Testing: Family Finder (autosomal) DNA testing is a great way to find your cousins and other family members. Connecting with your relatives can be a wonderful experience! This test is also for both males and females. DNA testing is a great tool in verifying your genealogical research (paper trail). For more information, please contact Administrator Floyd Owsley at