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Bondurant Y-DNA Project

Looking for Male Bondurants! (Y-DNA)
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About us

Our immigrant ancestor, Jean Pierre Bondurand, was born 1677 in the small town of Genolhac, Gard, France, and immigrated to Jamestown, Virginia in the fall of 1700. Trained as an apothecary, he traveled up and down the James River in Virginia, taking care of the sick. He married Ann Tanner about 1709 in Virginia. Jean Pierre Bondurant died ca. 1735 in Goochland County, Virginia. His wife Ann Tanner Bondurant was born ca. 1695 in Henrico County, Virginia, the daughter of Edward Tanner and Mary Hatcher. She died ca. 1773 in Buckingham County, Virginia. Jean Pierre and Ann Bondurant had five (5) children: three (3) sons - Joseph, John and Peter, and two (2) daughters - Ann and Frances (Francoise). We are trying to establish the descendants of their sons as our primary focus to allow us to identify living descendants for all three sons - we are seeking to learn if Peter has any living descendants and add to the knowledge of these men. Thanks for taking part in this search!