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Initially - all BLOODs were found to be related and belong to a haplogroup 


an early Germanic branch from the Scottish Border and with Jewish relatives in Greater Poland. This included descendants of Robert Blood in Massachusetts, George Blood in Philadephia and Thomas Blood in Australia.

Some other surnames appeared to be closely related, including several surnames from outer Manchester, and branches of WILLIS, CHEATHAM, ASHMORE, TOMLINSON and HYDE/HITE in the USA. 

However, descendants of Richard Blood in Massachusetts (the largest group of BLOODs, including several thousand)  have completely different Y-DNA, suggesting that Richard or one of his early descendants was illegitimate. 
I2a: L460>P37>CTS595>L1286>L1287>L233>Y4252+ A7111. This is an aboriginal European line; and L233 is Isles. dating from Roman times. These Bloods are very closely related to the large RATHBUN family of the USA. which has some eminent members.