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The earliest BLOODs are to be found in the midlands of England, in particular a Thomas Blud who can be found around 1480 on a land title with the Sheriff of Nottingham. All the Bloods in this project derive originally from Nottingham or Derbyshire. there are however other early branches of the surname in Staffordshire, Leicester, Lincolnshire and Shropshire, most of which are yet to be verified as the same family.

Around 1585 a soldier, Edmund Blood of Duffield Derbyshire, proceeded to Ireland where he established a line of Irish Bloods of some eminence and wealth, including the infamous Thomas Blood who stole the crown jewels. This line is very well documented in the book of Bindon Blood, but it may now be extinct.

In the 1630s and 1640s four relatives called Blood emigrated to the New World from Nottinghamshire. The lines of two of these men, Richard and Robert Blood, became very substantial with in excess of 4000 BLOODs present in New England in 1900. Most of the research on these two Massachusetts families comes by way of a book called "The Story of the Bloods" by Roger Dean Harris.

In the 1800s other men from Nottingham, Derbyshire and Staffordshire emigrated to the USA adn Australia, and the admins of this project are descended from two of these. Gene Blood's family were associated with the knitted textile industry in the vicinity of Philadelphia, and descended from George Blood, a native of Ruddington, England (a suburb of Nottingham). The very same Ruddington where Robert and John Blood of New England had owned property over two hundred years before.

Trees for these various families are to be found on; databases richardblood, robertblood, staffordbloods, derbybloods, outerbloods, thepeerage