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About us

2007 Oct 5 - Diana Matthiesen opened the BIDDLE Y-DNA Surname Project.
2008 May 20 - Joe Rhea signed on as project co-administrator and Biddle/etc. Lineage Manager.
2011 Mar 23 - the project got its own domain name:, and TNG (The Next Generation) was installed there as the project's genealogy database.
2011 Nov 30 - the Bechtel Project was merged with the Biddle Project.  Kate Kuzmich, former administrator of the Bechtel Project, is now co-administrator and Bechtel Lineage Manager for the project.
2014 Feb 16 - Kate Kuzmich resigned as co-admin.
2015 Apr 4 - FTDNA web site converted to new, "My Groups," web interface.