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Latest update: December 2017

The Benelux Y-DNA Geographical Project supports all people with a background in the Benelux area with their investigation of their paternal ancestral lines. The Benelux is an association founded more than 50 years ago by three European countries: BElgium, NEtherlands and LUXembourg (BENELUX) and is as such one of the small-scale predecessors of the European Union. The area of these three countries is also informally referred to as (the) "Low Countries". Languages spoken in this area are Dutch (northern three-quarters) and French (southern quarter). Geneology is a popular hobby with lots of senior citizens and some younger people, both male and female, who often have family trees going back three hundred years or more. Not all of these people are fluent in English.

More specifically, the goal of the Benelux Project is to:
- Support people with a known or assumed origin in the Benelux finding out more about their ancestry (this support is delivered in English/Dutch/French/German language);
- Support people currently living in the Benelux area making optimal use of (Y-) DNA testing for their genealogical research and getting a better understanding of the results of their Y-DNA test with FT-DNA or any other lab;
- Study the history of the Benelux area using results of DNA testing.

In general, we hope to bridge the gap between the English-speaking DNA testing community and the Dutch/French-speaking family genealogists in the Benelux area.

Doelstelling van het Benelux Project is het ondersteunen van iedereen met een achtergrond in de Benelux bij het onderzoeken van hun afstamming langs de vaderlijke lijn. 
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