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Jordi Mestres Jordi Mestres
December 7 @ 4:35pm
FTDNA just released an amazing number of new SNPs and newly defined subclades. Under my Y5992 clade, there were until today 3 subclades defined: i) Y5977, with no subclades under it: 9 samples from Russia and 1 sample from Kazakhstan; ii) KMS45, with no subclades under it: 2 samples from Spain and 1 sample from Poland; and iii) Y5992*: 1 sample from Belgium. This is how those three Y5992 subclades are now defined: i) Y5977 has 3 NEW subclades under it: Y39657: with 2 samples from Russia, BY100683: with 1 sample from Russia and 1 sample from Kazakhstan; and Y5977*: with the remaining 6 samples from Russia; ii) KMS45 has 2 NEW subclades under it: KMS36: with 2 samples from Spain, and KMS45*: with 1 sample from Poland; and iii) Y5992*: with 1 sample from Belgium. Good improvements, indeed. The only thing not yet implemented is the ability to contact all samples from parent SNPs, like in YFull.
Jérôme Gasnier Jérôme Gasnier has a question!
January 4, 2019 @ 4:11am
Hi there ! My name is Gasnier, before it was Garnier. Before Garnier it was Warnier... In Belgium, there's a lot a of Warnier. Is there a Warnier with his haplogroup J2 like me ?
March 25 @ 2:44pm
Je ne connaissais pas l'histoire de Warnachaire II. C'est intéressant. On devrait pouvoir retrouver son nom dans "l'Histoire des Francs" de Grégoire de Tours : le livre est en lecture publique sur Google Books :
Jérôme Gasnier
March 29 @ 3:43pm
J'ai déjà le livre de Greg de Tours. Mais je nage dans l'analyse des patronymes spécifiquement sur les Garnier et Warnier. Bien à mon avis, ils avaient le même ancêtre commun au temps des Francs. Mais Ce nom Warnier, est-ce que c'est un Franc Salien ou ripuaire Rhénan puisque c'est un nom germanique ?
patrice bauduhin
November 17 @ 6:00pm
Salut Bernard, mon nom est Patrice Bauduhin (originalement Bauduin). Mon ancetre plus lointain est de Lecelles (Nord-France). J´essaye de trouver de l´information au sujet de: Glehier, Gahide, de Buillemont (en France et en Belgique) au 15e et 16e siecle. Cordialement. Patrice haplogroup G-L497
patrice bauduhin
November 17 @ 6:02pm
Mon courriel est:
Jérôme Gasnier Jérôme Gasnier
November 8 @ 5:00am
History of BR2 to the Franks :
Hendrik Verbeeck
November 8 @ 12:02pm
The return from DNA to the Levant can also be caused by crusaders from Western Europe going to fight in the Middle East in the middle ages
Jérôme Gasnier
November 10 @ 6:34am
Jérôme Gasnier
November 10 @ 6:38am
The Kyjatice culture is between -1000 BC and -700 BC before the Christ. From the Crusaders, it is after 1095.
Jordi Mestres Jordi Mestres
November 8 @ 6:16am
Looking for the man from Belgium with terminal SNP R-Y5992, a 2,000-year old cousin of the men from Russia and Kazakhstan in Y5977 and the men from Spain and Poland in branch KMS45.
Jordi Mestres Jordi Mestres
November 3 @ 4:33am
Dear All, my Y-DNA belongs to the haplogroup R1a, the euroasian Z2123 branch, under sub-branch Y5992. I just saw in my BigY Block Tree that there is a man from Belgium who has just been identified also as Y5992. Since FTDNA does not allow contacting matches unless your SNP distance is below 30, I was wondering whether that man may have joined this FTDNA group. He is perhaps the "Mertens" identified as Z2123 that may have not been updated after he took the BigY. If Mertens is indeed the Y5992 man, please contact me and/or send your BAM file to YFull for analysis. I have been collecting a lot of information on the origins of branch Y7094 ( and it would be wonderful if we could expand our knowledge on it. Branch Y5992 was formed circa 2,700 years ago and it is currently composed of men from the Ryazan, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, and Chelyabinsk russian republics (child branch Y5977) and men from Asturias, in the north of Spain (child branch KMS45), both branches sharing a common ancestor born circa 1,950 years ago. There is also a man from Poland and a man from Belgium under Y5992 that we are trying to contact. So, please, come forward or send your BAM file to YFull. Thanks!
KH Schmit KH Schmit
June 18 @ 8:12pm
Re Tintange, Belgium 1857-1896. I have transcriptions of family letters from this period. Names mentioned are listed below. If you would like the excerpt associated with any of these names let me know. Nothing very exciting here--just local references. Frank Achack H Bian Peter Birden Demuth Henry Demuth Joseph Dendlinger Nicolas Eichhorn Louis and Nicolas Elschrot Felix to Part Michael Feya(n) Fonk, of Montelange Quedel Oma Maria Farben John Foltzer Marie Forler John Framsdorf Mr. Gahellen of Feteler Matais Gakarber Frank Gehren John Gengler Catherine Gengler Goehel W Gollert Johann Go(e)ff John Goff Henry Graf (of Bondorf) John Guterkauf Frank Hosch Hofschmid Javeaine Siri Juinet Heinrich Kaniwe? Catherine Kaufman Michael Kaufman Pier Kauten H Ketter Marianne Ketter Anna Marie Kiefer Kolinder Margaret and Anna Katherine (sisters) Kneiz Peter Kneiz Aunt Koenig Father Koenig (not priest) Anne Marie Koenig Marguerite Koenig Pierre Koenig Johann Keifer (of Meicher) Henry Kornirve Nicolas Krantz mayor, John Lenger Frank Lorfornick Mr Loring Loring Joseph Manhard Katerina Melcher Kaytz (of Bondorf) The Bondorf Miller Butcher Miller Mr. Mirzo, of Marlmaison Mernd to Arlon Charles Mound John Mulecarne Josephine Muller married a boy from Aselborn Widow Nev Nicoloy and Molitor to Metz Nicolas Perlen Persch, of Gir Pierre Jos. Phalen Madam Poules from Arsdorf Redeng ‘ Frank Schack Phillipp Schlewttea cousin, Karl Schroeder Carl Schmit also Brother Scharl nephew, Chrisoston Schmit (?) Dominique Schmit Dominik Schmit Elizabeth Catherine Schmit Weyland Elizabeth Schmit Henry Schmit Jean Nicolas Schmit John Schmit John Anselm Schmit Aunt Johan Nicolas Schmit Catrina Katerina Lisa Schmit Margarethe Schmit Marie Elizabeth Philip Joseph Schmit also Joseph Philip Philip Schmit old Schmitz von Marteling Restaurant owner Schmitz Karl Schredmer Rinehart Senger Senger Maria Smit Family Spilman Spilman Mr Sr Henry Stenger Nicolas Stenger Margaret Thill the oldest son of Eillen von Baunhleid cousin, Christopher von Bonsdorf Dominic von Kirmbrong Rachel von Loudvif Dr. Alsinger von Mersch Old Doenar von Mertlingen George Vorbeck Nicolas Weisseur Michael Weyland (also Weilland) Susanne Weyland Henry Widart Conrad and Mary Willet Henry Wirm(en)
stijn lelièvre stijn lelièvre has a question!
April 10 @ 4:02pm
Beste, ik heb bij jullie een match (Y-DNA) met een zekere captein Antoine Floris met een genetische afstand van 2? Wat moet ik me bij deze voorstellen?
April 11 @ 10:02am
How many markers for your match? Does their tree have matches to your family? Do they match in Family Finder?
stijn lelièvre
April 11 @ 2:47pm
Hi Franklin, Were can i find the markers for the match? how can i use familyfinder en were can i find it? My knowledge in dna is zero, SORRY! thanks for the support.
Jérôme Gasnier
April 12 @ 3:00pm
Hello Franklin Warner, can I know your haplogroup ? Please.
May 23 @ 8:55am
Maurice Sherman Maurice Sherman
March 26 @ 1:49pm
To Admin's: Just received my Big Y 700 results and am R-BY70198. I see this is reflected on your colorized chart. Still have a long way to go in understanding these results. One hell of a learning curve !!!! Wil try to upload to relevant sites. Got my raw data submitted to Williamson. I am in the guest section, non Benelux.
Hank de Wit
March 26 @ 8:38pm
Hi Maurice, have you joined the Sherman Project, as your terminal SNP matches a record there for Henry of Dedham, Essex 1510 there. The other SNP's attributed to Henry there are R-M269, upstream of R-BY70198. Wikipedia has info on R-M269, and shows a tree of sub-clades. If you follow your terminal SNP back though the FTDNA Haplotree and compare the "L" SNP's you will M269/L53/L21 taking you down a branch for Brittany, Ireland, Scotland, Wales.
Patricia Jones/Schacht Patricia Jones/Schacht
March 15 @ 9:06pm
My grandmother, Julia Yvonne DuPont, (nee Paris 1901and died in US 1970) was the daughter of Jeanne Anna Schreiber (nee Elle, Luxembourg) and Alexandre Leon DuPont, nee Belgique. Interested in learning more about these families.
Jonathan MINNE Jonathan MINNE
March 10 @ 1:25am
Bonjour je viens de recevoir les résultats de mon test ADN Y, je suis de l'haplogroupe I-M253. je suis descendant par ma lignée paternel de la famille DEZUTTER ou DE SUTTER des environs de Gand en Belgique.a bientot
Gilles Otten
March 10 @ 9:57am
Bienvenue !
Jonathan MINNE
March 11 @ 3:58pm
qui pourrait m'expliquer comment fonctionne ce groupe? quesqu'il peut m'apporter et quesque j'apporte? merçi