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Jérôme Gasnier Jérôme Gasnier has a question!
January 4 @ 4:11am
Hi there ! My name is Gasnier, before it was Garnier. Before Garnier it was Warnier... In Belgium, there's a lot a of Warnier. Is there a Warnier with his haplogroup J2 like me ?
March 12 @ 2:59pm
Hi, I'm also a descendant of a family Warnier via an ancestral branch on my grandmother side. FYI : there is a very old Warnier branch (traces in Church records as early as the 1630ties !) in the village of Reves (lays a few miles to the south of the town of Nivelles). During your searches, be aware that there are several 'walloon' forms of the surname, e.g. WARNY, WARNIE, WARNYE etc... But they all descend of the same WARNIER (in itself a walloon form of GARNIER, unless Garnier would actually rather be the french form of Warnier... ;) )
Jérôme Gasnier
March 13 @ 3:25pm
GARNIER in itself a frankish form of WARNIER, unless Garnier would actually rather be the french form of Warnier who is Belgian... On devrait communiquer en Français ? ;)
March 18 @ 4:22pm
Dans le 'Dictionnaire des Noms de Famille en Belgique Romane' (Crédit Communal 1996, ISBN 2-87193-228X), je trouve : WARNIER, WARNIEZ, WARGNIER, WARNY, -IS. 1265 "freres Warniers" Val-Benoit, 1267 "Warniers li Torderes" Herchies, 1286 "Warniers de Poile Wagnon" Binche, 1289 "Warniers li Cerpentiers" Namur, 14e s. "Jehans Warnier" Lens-sur-Dendre, "Warnir le Plumteur" Huy, 1351 "Warnir de Lavoir" Liège, 1356-58 "Estiévenins Warniers" Ath, 1450 "Warnyr de Belvaz" Stavelot, 1534 "Bodechon Warnier" Namur, 1545 "Warni fils Johan de Belvaux", 1557 "l"hirtaige Warny Filacquet" La Gleize, 1627-31 "Warny Warnier" = 1628 "Wernuss Werner" émigré en Suède ; anthrop. germ. warin-hari, latinisé en Warnerus. Cf aussi Wargnies, Warner, etc.
Jérôme Gasnier
March 20 @ 12:43pm
Ah merci pour l'info ! Je n'ai pas ce fameux dictionnaire des noms Belges anciens... j'ai trouvé sur wikipédia l'Histoire de " Warnachaire II "... Qu'en pensez-vous ?
Patricia Jones/Schacht Patricia Jones/Schacht
March 15 @ 9:06pm
My grandmother, Julia Yvonne DuPont, (nee Paris 1901and died in US 1970) was the daughter of Jeanne Anna Schreiber (nee Elle, Luxembourg) and Alexandre Leon DuPont, nee Belgique. Interested in learning more about these families.
Jonathan MINNE Jonathan MINNE
March 10 @ 1:25am
Bonjour je viens de recevoir les résultats de mon test ADN Y, je suis de l'haplogroupe I-M253. je suis descendant par ma lignée paternel de la famille DEZUTTER ou DE SUTTER des environs de Gand en Belgique.a bientot
Gilles Otten
March 10 @ 9:57am
Bienvenue !
Jonathan MINNE
March 11 @ 3:58pm
qui pourrait m'expliquer comment fonctionne ce groupe? quesqu'il peut m'apporter et quesque j'apporte? merçi
Jérôme Gasnier Jérôme Gasnier
January 22 @ 11:22am
Bonjour ! I am a french from Normandy ( The Gasnier family since 1550 near Alençon.). And I am not a Viking but I am J2a1 =*/ *** Here come my history in my map. I am sure my ancestors was Frank people before the 5th century. And my name is germanic like Warnier in Belgium. I would like to meet J2a1 Belgian like me...
Alain Govaert
January 27 @ 7:45am
Franks only reached as far west to the river Schelde, or current Belgian city St-Niklaas. West from this are mainly populated in 3-4th century by Saxons, Frisians, Angles and also in 7-8th century by Vikings.
Jérôme Gasnier
January 27 @ 8:58am
Efrain Ramírez Efrain Ramírez
December 21 @ 8:23pm
Wanted to share my family connection My 8th gg Adriaen Gerritsen Van Vliet and Aechje Jans Spruyt. Also related to the Hoyt, Van Wagenen, Weber, Lefevre, Decker/Dekker, Deyo, Masten, Freer, Wood, Van Schaick, Schooner, Pel, Oranje
Roger Ombelet Roger Ombelet
October 24 @ 11:19am
Hi, I am new here, I think I am the only e-y here ? Can anyone help me to find where I have to be.
Hank de Wit
October 30 @ 4:28am
Hello Roger, If you visit and paste your STR values in it predicts you as being in E1b1b > V13 . This is apparently the most common European version of E, even though it is rare in Benelux. It is most common in the Balkans, see
Hank de Wit
October 30 @ 5:02am
Hello again Roger. So since there doesn't appear to be a V13 or M78 group to join, that leaves the M35 group, which includes these sub-clades.
Roger Ombelet
October 30 @ 5:15am
Oke, thanks Hank
Raf Ceustermans
October 31 @ 1:38am
Roger, ik ben ook admin van het E-M35 project (net als Wim overigens). Dat is inderdaad het best passende Y-project. Je behoort overigens tot de V13 groep, net als een drietal percent van de Belgen.
Michael Page Michael Page
June 28 @ 8:07am
Hi - I was curious as to why I am grouped under "not from Benelux". What determines this?
Michael Page
September 13 @ 10:42am
I'm not sure what constitutes a paper trail, but my paternal line originally is believed to have come from the Netherlands. I have a CD made by the Hendricks surname project here, however, showing the various lineages of our group in the USA. Since about the mid-18th Century our specific surname has been Hendryx, and before that, allegedly Hendriksen (whatever spelling).
Joel Lefever
October 12 @ 1:34pm
Michael, your surname is Page - was Hendricks the direct paternal line to you, or was it the surname of one of your grandmothers? If Hendricks was your direct paternal line (you-father-grandfather-ggrandfather etc.), you could make a case for your being included in Benelux by showing the direct male line and name changes.
Michael Page
October 13 @ 10:55am
Yes it's the direct paternal line (thanks to a non-paternity 'event').
Joel Lefever
October 15 @ 12:50pm
Do you know the most distant Hendricks ancestor? And where he lived? If so, you could enter the info into your FTDNA account, giving evidence of descending from someone who lived in the Benelux.
Nicolas Schwarzenbach Nicolas Schwarzenbach
October 9 @ 11:47pm
I just received my Y results, which are posted in the group. My paternal birth line is Lanotte, the family having emigrated from Belgium to Indiana in the mid-1800's, coming from Suxy, Chiny, Luxembourg Province, Belgium. My legal (stepfather's) name is Schwarzenbach, which adds some confusion. Glad to be a member of the group.
Johannis (John) van Immerseel Johannis (John) van Immerseel has a question!
September 3 @ 5:29pm
Hi - I recently joined the Benelux group. How can I get the most from this group and how can I best contribute?
Hendrik Verbeeck
September 4 @ 11:02am
Hello John, do you possibly have an account with Geneanet and/or do you speak Dutch ?
Johannis (John) van Immerseel
September 4 @ 2:12pm
Hi Hendrik - I do have an account with Geneanet and I can read Dutch very well but my ability to speak Dutch is quite limited. My father and I as well as my younger brother have always communicated quite well - their messages are in Dutch and mine are in English.
Raf Ceustermans
September 11 @ 1:15pm
Hello John, I gather you belong to the van Immerseel family from Lier? Quite an illustrious family! It's nice to have DNA for them.
Johannis (John) van Immerseel
September 14 @ 7:15am
Thanks Raf. Yes I do belong to the van Immerseel family. I just wish there were more of us especially from the families van Lier and van Aerschot. It would help to answer a lot of questions about the earliest generations. All the Best. John
KH Schmit KH Schmit has a question!
August 27 @ 6:03pm
Help! None of my Y matches show up in my Family Finder matches. I really think they sent me the wrong results. No names in the Y match list are familiar. Is there a way to contact FTDNA? Your thoughts appreciated!
Raf Ceustermans
August 29 @ 7:00am
Hello KH, yes you can find contact info for FTDNA at the bottom under hep. However you must realize that Y-matches (certainly those at 12-37 markers) can be thousands of years ago. The FF matches on the other hand should be from within the last few hundreds of years. So it's not surprising they are not part of your FF-matches.