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About us

We have three members with completed HVR1 testing of HVR1 Haplogroup, U5a1a. We are seeking new members.If you can trace your maternal lineage to anyone in our maternal line or any of their female siblings, you are invited to join this project.

If you have HVR1 Haplogroup, U5a1a, and think you might be a member of a maternal line originating from within someone in this project or your line goes back further than 1750, you are invited to join.

We have members with Haplogroups that are not yet connected to our family tree. As the testing database expands they may be connected on other branches of our ancestral tree.

We recommend the Y-DNA test and the mtDNAPlus test for this project.

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Please review the remainder of the presentation under the tabs; background, goals, and results.

Please go to the website,, to learn about THE HUMAN JOURNEY by National Geographic.

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