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About us

The objective of this lineage project is to grow additional limbs on our ancestral tree using the results of Y-DNA and mtDNA testings.

Historical records have identified our maternal lineage in Walloon Belgium as follows:
Jeanne Weris(abt 1735), m. Jean Natal
Marie Louise Natal(abt. 1780), m. Jean Joseph Roumieux
Marie Theresa Joseph Roumieux(1813), m. Henry Joseph Wenin
Josephine Wenin(1844), m. Antoine Joseph Magin

The maternal siblings we have identified for each generation are as follows:
WERIS: Jeanne(born about 1735),
NATAL: Louise(1780) and Fransiosse(1752),
ROUMIEUX: Therese(1813) and Burbe(1827),
WENIN: Louise(1838), Felicite(1840),Josephine(1840),Barbe(1846),Melonie(1849),Marie(1852) and Therese(1855)

All of these births were in the area of Clavier, Ocquier, Borlon, Septon and Durbuy. These villages are in the provinces of Liege and Luxembourg of Belgium. We invite you to help us to further develop this mitochondrial DNA tree.

The Magin siblings identified for each generation include the following:
Charles(abt 1730)
Joseph Julius(1807) and Marie Jeanne
Antoine(1838), Marie(1837), Francois(1840), August(1846) and Hubert(1850)

If you can trace your lineage to anyone in our lines or any of their siblings, you are invited to join this project.

If you have HVR1 Haplogroup, U5a1a, and think you might be a member of a maternal line originating from within someone in this project or your line goes back further than 1750, you are invited to join.

We recommend Y-DNA37 Test and mtDNA test for this project.

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