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About us

The Beasley DNA Project at FTDNA was started in 2005. In 2008, Mark Beasley tested here and became project administrator. About 2006, Doug Beezley had started a Beasley Project at Heritage DNA. Eventually, the Heritage company dissolved and Doug Beezley joined Mark Beasley as an administrator at FTDNA. Mark did a great deal of recruiting, especially among the line of Beasley's he assumed included his line. Turned out that his DNA did not match that line, but Doug's did match. This was the beginning of the quest to find the Beasley/Beezley truth of the matter.

Since then, there have emerged several unique genetic lines including some from completely different Haplogroups. For convenience, the genetic lines were being referred to by the color coding that was selected for each line on the FTDNA chart. Now, we refer to the R-BLUE CLAN (including Beasley, Beesley, and Beezley) as the line represented by Doug Beezley and many others. "R" is one of the broad YDNA Haplogroup categories. The line represented by Mark Beasley is designated R-GREEN CLAN (all Beasley's as far as we know). There is another large genetic line called the R-YELLOW CLAN (including Beasley, Beezley, and Beazley including lines from Canada and the UK. This clan is being represented by new co-administrator, Kristina Clever.

Additional unique genetic lines, though fewer representatives include R-RED CLAN (all Beezley), R-PURPLE CLAN (Beasley), R-TEAL CLAN (Beasley), I-SILVER CLAN (Beasley and Beardsley) and E-OLIVE CLAN (Beasley). There are a number of others whose YDNA has not found a match including Haplotype R, I and L.

At the newly developing Project site at (also, and we are actively using this data along with aggressive traditional research to find an ancestral home for All Beasley's, All Spellings, All Time, World Wide.