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1. I'm descended from Beasley's but I'm not a Beasley male myself. Can I join the group to learn more about my ancestry?

Without a paid FTDNA test kit number, you have no login and nothing to see. Each tested individual can see their own results and results that match. Compiled (impersonal) project information can be seen publicly without membership. We do not keep detailed genealogical information on this website.

2. So what's the advantage of being a member of the project?

Without being a project member you can see your own results and you can see tests that match yours. By being in the project, your results are organized and compared with other tests. Administrators are available to answer questions and help interpret your results.

3. Are there other groups I can join?

Yes, there are hundreds of groups specializing in certain aspects of your DNA. There are different types of tests for different purposes. Each group has their own specialty. You can be a member of multiple groups.

4. I'm not a Beasley, but I see there are I match Beasley's. Can the Beasley Project help with that?

Yes! If you match other Beasley's you can join to see specifically how your YDNA profile matches and how you might be related to Beasley lines.

5. I'm a Beasley descendant and I've taken the Family Finder test. Can you help with that?

We used to have lots of Family Finder tests in the Beasley Project. But we got so large we decided to split into two groups: Beasley YDNA and Beasley Family Finder. If you have both tests, you can be in both groups. The same administrators are with BOTH projects. It's just easier to keep things organized.

6. I have questions about my Beasley ancestry. Where do I go for help?

The Beasley Project has a website at The website is a "work in progress" but we are eager to hear from you and will do our best to get you connected. We have more than 80 Beasley Project Lineage Trees on, we work with Ancestry DNA and other websites such as WikiTree and we have pages and groups on Facebook.