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[UPDATED Jan 2011]

Unless otherwise noted, the results within a group match (within 23/25); and there is at least 21/25 match between Groups

FTDNA # is bolded [check the Y-Results TAB to see these same Groups and all the results]

If you are interested in the Deep Ancestry of your paternal line, you can google the Haplogroup – read the wiki article.

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Goals for BARTLETT-DNA Project

1. Determine each and every separate line in Colonial America and

2. Determine the immigrant for each line to Colonial America

3. Develop locations and geography in for immigrants

[Team 3]; Richmond Co, VA [11 matching participants] [Note 5]

Haplogroup E1b1b1a2 [was E3b1]. This haplogroup is based on an FTDNA Deep Clade test for 5960. This DNA may be from the Roman militia recruited by the thousands from the Balkans to occupy from c43-400AD.  When these soldiers retired they were given Roman citizenship and allowed to settle and raise families in .  The largest concentrations of these soldiers (based on history & archeology) were in Wales, Essex Co, and along the East Coast (North Sea south to the ). These areas in today have pockets of E1b1b1a2 DNA.

[since there is a 25/25 match with 5960/7925/6066/71171, we’ll use that for the DNA Signature of Thomas 1705]

B1. Thomas BARTLETT 1705-1783; 1m c1723 _____

    B1A. John 1725-1807; m Anne SETTLE 1728-

        B1A2. Joshua 1758 VA-c1812 KY; m c1781 Elizabeth Greene ALLEN


           B1A2B. John 1784 VA-1847 MO; m 1824 VA Winifred T BAGBY

               B1A2B1 George Greene 1825 VA-1895; m Harriet FITZHUGH

                   ... DNA-7744

                   ... DNA-8828

    B1D. Thomas BARTLETT 1730-1806; 1m c 1750 Anne ­­­­_____

        B1D3. William BARTLETT 1756-1825 m c1774 Sarah HATHAWAY

                   DNA-32042 [Jeff Bartlett ]

           B1D3B. Thomas F BARTLETT 1777-1850 m 1801 Malinda

                   DNA-5960 [Jim Bartlett ]

           B1D3E. John BARTLETT 1784 VA-1857 IN; m 1803 VA Sarah SELVEY

                   DNA-10388 [Audrey Zatarian ]

        B1D4. Thomas BARTLETT Jr 1757 VA-c1832 VA; m c1783 Sarah _____

           B1D4B. 1783-1858; m 1807 Catherine ALLEN


        B1D6. Benjamin BARTLETT 1764-1824 VA; m c1784 VA Mary Ann Heath CARROLL

           B1D6A. Wilson BARTLETT c1786 VA; m 1816 VA /Fannie


    B1E. Joseph [?] b c1731

        B1E1. Nimrod c1760 [from Pendleton Dist, SC to Barron Co, KY]

                   DNA-6066 [Ches Bartlett ]

B1. Thomas BARTLETT 1705-1783; 2m c 1738 VA Catherine _____

    B1K. Elisha c1742-1803 VA



    ???. Unknown ancestral link

          BBB. Oliver Lewis Frederick BARTLETT c1882 DC [lived along C&O Canal, Washington Co, MD]

                 DNA-N58717 [35/37 with 5960]