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Doris Greaves Doris Greaves
July 1 @ 6:41pm
Nathan Bartlett
December 31 @ 10:33pm
Visited the town of Stopham, the church, and what was once the Bartlett/Stopham manor. Walked across the old stone bridge too. It was awesome.
Joyce Stack
February 12 @ 5:48pm
Very nice fotos. Thank you for sharing.
Barb Huff Barb Huff has a question!
January 9 @ 3:07pm
So... by all appearances, this group is DEFUNCT, right?
Mitchell Bartlett
February 5 @ 3:20pm
Email the administrators- I think they are active elsewhere
Joyce Stack
February 12 @ 5:46pm
Not defunct at all. Check out some of the previous questions and answers. Those of you from Devon, look for John Bartlett. Or search this entire thread for 'Devon'. Good luck!
Jonathan Badham Jonathan Badham
September 22 @ 9:33am
I have just joined Bartlett DNA and I am awaiting results MTDNA my maternal grandmother was a Bartlett they came originally from Churchstanton in Somerset it was formerly in Devon do any of fellow Bartletts have ancestors from Churchstanton. Jonathan Badham
Wanda Boone
February 8 @ 11:11am
I just joined as well and my great grandmother was a Bartlett...her father was one of many "Joseph" Bartletts in Newfoundland during the 17 and 1800's. My great, great Grandfather was born about 1830, and having children on the french shore in the 1850's.
Timothy Matthews Timothy Matthews
February 7 @ 9:06pm
Kit 5960 (surname Bartlett) is a Y-112 match with me (kit 565792, surname Matthews) and we share common ancestors in the central Virginia area in the 1750s. Any thoughts on how these family lines intersected would be appreciated
Ray Conn Ray Conn
October 10 @ 4:41pm
Hi everyone. My 2nd Gt Grandfather was born in Bristol. Charles John Bartlett 1824. He was married to Emma Redkison. I am trying to find a Bartlett connection to the name of Trevanion. Ray
Jonathan Badham
October 23 @ 10:03am
Hi Ray and Jim I live near Bristol Charles John Bartlett father was John Bartlett he was born in Fowey in Cornwall to Stephen and Sarah Bartlett .Stephen married Sarah Goodall in Fowey on the 18th of June 1796 by licence if you want a copy of the marriage bond and alliagation it is at the Devon Heritage centre in Exeter my ancestors the Bartletts came from Devon Jonathan
Jonathan Badham
October 23 @ 10:07am
I have just found a house called Trevanion in Fowey Cornwal
Ray Conn
October 25 @ 1:25am
Hi Folks. Many thanks for reply's. All change. The man I was told was my father is NOT. I dug very deep on Friday and found him. It was his 1st cousin. So, my Father was Peter Charles Seaton Hansen from Auckland. Peter Christian Hansen still my Gt Grandfather. My Grandfather was Walter George Frank Hansen. He was married to a Mary Rita Hempton. They had the one child. I have had no Y-DNA matches in 5 years on FTDNA. J-M172. I now have a long line of them from Denmark which may be useful to someone. Tuesday, I made the connection to the Bartlett's. Mary Rita Hempton was adopted in 1903. She was born in Wellington NZ. Her Birth Mother was Emma Elizabeth Bartlett born 1882 in Nelson NZ to John Bartlett and Anna Maria Smith. My main search is over. Many thanks for all the help I had over the years. Ray
Ray Conn
January 12 @ 2:24am
Anyone related to the Bartlett Redkison family.
Steven Barclift Steven Barclift
January 5 @ 11:45am
I believe that I am descended from William and Elizabeth Bartlett. Records I possess show that he and his wife came to Albermarle County, North Carolina from the State of Virginia sometime about 1663.
Nathan Bartlett Nathan Bartlett has a question!
December 31 @ 10:43pm
For those descendents of Joseph Bartlett of Newton, Mass, (first settler) does anyone have information on his ancestors in England? Born 1640; spouse was Mary Wayte. I do not have information on where he originated within England
Nathan Bartlett Nathan Bartlett
December 31 @ 10:40pm
The church - inside are brass plates with names of early Barttelot names.
Nathan Bartlett Nathan Bartlett
December 31 @ 10:38pm
The old stone bridge near the manor.
Nathan Bartlett Nathan Bartlett
December 31 @ 10:37pm
The Bartlett/Stopham manor (now apartments).