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Ray Conn Ray Conn has a question!
April 1 @ 2:02am
My 3x Gt Grandfather was Charles John Bartlett born in Bristol 1824. He moved to London. Became a Draper and married Emma Redkisson. They moved to Nelson New Zealand. Charles was killed in a horse carriage accident. My Gt Grandmother was Emma Elizabeth Bartlett. My Grandmother was born Violet Ella Bartlett (out of wedlock) adopted and became Mary Rita Hempton.
william cox william cox
March 27 @ 5:35pm
Hi all, I took the FTDNA paternal test because we suspected that my G-Grandmother had an affair with a Bartlett and it seems she did...I Match with a family JOSEPH BARTLETT I, b. 1630 and d. 1702 I am told they are (the Newton Bartletts).. . (the pathway we believe) is John E. -> Leonard walker Bartlett ->John H. Bartlett ->Darius Bartlett ->Obadiah Bartlett -> Thomas Bartlett ->Joseph Jr. Looking on Information on this family,perhaps books history is there anything before 1630 and a place of origin in England? and photos of the recent Bartlett's (prefer Leonard's family but curious about the whole tree also are they the Norman Bartlett's? or the Josiah Bartlett who signed the Declaration of Independence ..Basically found a huge skeleton in the closet and would like to know more about least its direct Y so it was easy to prove (but weird enough to know I'm a Bartlett on the inside not quite a Cox).. thanks William Cox (Bartlett)
Annie Pryor Annie Pryor has a question!
March 24 @ 11:56am
Seeking information on Martha Bartlett b abt 1830 Pike Co Al. Married Allen Pryor/Prior 1847 Pike Co Al. Married William Holman 1866 Pike Co, Al. Divorced 1872. Died after 1885 Walton County Fl.
Douglas Bartlett Douglas Bartlett has a question!
January 7 @ 9:06pm
I have a kit on ftdna, 23and me and ancestry. I like many am trying to get past my gggrandfather. He is Andrew Bartlett, 1800? – 1848? Ancestry is my most recent and it is interesting because your DNA matched can also be linked to their family tree. I have a 4th cousin match with someone who has the following Bartletts in their tree, Harriet Bartlett (1832-1919), Corbin W Bartlett (1805-1895), Giles Bartlett (1766- ??). And another 4th cousin who has Charles Bartlett ( 1904-1978), Will B Bartlett (1873-1948, Charles G Bartlett (??) and Ethan E Bartlett (1804-1873) . Both of these tree up to a Stephen Bartlett (1762- 1873). Yes supposedly 111 years old. (not likely correct dates). Is anyone aware of persons who has these Bartletts in there family trees? And where they have tested? Any info appreciated.
Jeff Bartlett
February 12 @ 6:47pm
None of these names match any in the Bartlett book, descendants of John Bartlett b 1678 Norwalk CT.
Steve Bartlett Steve Bartlett
April 7, 2019 @ 6:08am
There are 6 in the RG group (Warren Co, NC & UK) who give no details of themselves or their ancestry. This group all have the very rare DYS557=8 mutation. As far as I have been able to establish this does not occur outside the Bartletts of Devon. Is there any way to encourage these people to identify themselves and their forebears?
Bartlett K Burnett
June 14, 2019 @ 7:45pm
Hi, my kit is also in the RG Warren Co/UK group and I have spent a lot of time gathering information on the ancestry of the various kits. I will share what I have if it is helpful. I think I know the Bartlett ancestors of all the testers, at least back to 1750/1800. The challenge is that even with the kind upgrades of Claudette and another user, we still have several kits that are 12/25 markers and some of the testers are no longer reachable.
Joyce Stack
September 8 @ 6:29pm
Hello again Steve! My dad is one of your best matches, of the Warren Group G. Unfortunately, I've still not gotten further back than his great-great grandfather, Starling Bartlett who was born around 1783. You know I'll contact you right away if I find more!
H Bartlett
December 13 @ 2:04pm
Hello Steve! I just wanted to let you know that I've purchased a Y-111 test for my dad, who is your best match. Furthermore, I've found some excellent stuff over the years, perusing archaic and arcane histories and records of England and the United States. Some go back as far as the 1300's. If I don't conact you before then, Merry Christmas!
H Bartlett
December 13 @ 2:07pm
Addendum: kit #229263
Kimberlee  Breuer Kimberlee Breuer
September 26 @ 8:51am
Is the signer of the Declaration of Independence, Josiah Bartlett, related in any way to the Virginia Bartlett’s? Forgive any ignorance on my part..I’m still new to this! I come through the Bartlett’s of Spotsylvania Co, VA.
Barbara Bartlett Huff
October 7 @ 7:48pm
Hi Kimberlee! I don't know the answer to your question...I'm just guessing not, since he was from NH, born in MA 1729. But I do know that there is lots of genealogy info on the Signers! Way back aunt told me we were descended from Josiah, I checked Signer Josiah and our ancestor Josiah, put it all down on paper and showed her. She said 'oh, I guess we're not then.' Signer Josiah would have had to have been real busy(and kept a lot of secrets) to have all the descendants who claim him! I have related-to-me Bartletts who have "traced their ancestry"--erroneously of course--to Josiah the Signer. There's a whole set of genealogies of the Signers, viz: Genealogy of signers of the Declaration of Independence / Leach, Frank Willing, 1855-1943. You could look for it, or something like it...
Bruce Bartlett Bruce Bartlett
August 10, 2019 @ 3:38pm
I believe siblings Ephraim Parker Bartlett (1812), Lydia Bartlett Waitley (1806), and Erastus Wilder Bartlett (1810) (and possibly others) moved from New York, where they were born, to Ohio around the 1830s. I have DNA connections to the descendants of all of them, but the descendants of Lydia believe her father was Aaron. The descendants of Ephraim believe his father was John, and my line, the descendants of Erastus believe his father was William. It could be this is correct and they were actually cousins, but I have not been able to prove any of this correct with New York records. Any suggestions are appreciated.
Bruce Bartlett
August 10, 2019 @ 3:42pm
By the way, I am actually Linda Bartlett Shine. Bruce Bartlett is my 2nd cousin who took a Y-DNA test to try to help me find our great=great grandfather, who we believe to be James Acton. We've not had much luck with that either.
Gary Bartlett Gary Bartlett
March 17, 2019 @ 7:02am
My original Bartlett surname immigrant ancestor was George Bartlett of Guilford, CT born in England abt 1620. My line of descent is Gary 11, Donald 10, Harold 9, D. Clarence 8, H. Russell 7, Hiram 6, Russell 5, Rev. Nathaniel 4, Daniel Jr. 3, Daniel Sr. 2, George of Guilford. Unfortunately, the English origins of George Bartlett who died in Guilford, CT in 1669, are unknown. What is known, is that many of the original settlers at Guilford - of whom George was likely one - hailed from the geographic area the the junction of the English counties of Kent, Sussex & Surrey. My hope in taking the Y-DNA test was to connect up genetically with some UK Bartletts in the intent of determining George Bartlett's English ancestry, but alas, that seems to be a pipe dream.
Barbara Bartlett Huff
March 18, 2019 @ 10:36pm
Welcome, Gary! My Bartlett immigrant ancestor was William Bartlett of the same place! Guilford, CT!, But he didn't arrive there until more than 60 years after George and more than 20 years after George had died! I know no one has ever discerned a family relationship between the 2 Bartlett families of Guilford. There has been no Y-DNA test on William's descendants yet, as far as I know. My late grandfather was the last male in my line... Maybe in future, we'll find out if there was a relationship or not between the two Bartlett families who started out in Guilford, CT in the 1600s!
Barbara Bartlett Huff
March 18, 2019 @ 10:41pm
A Bartlett cousin from William's line is going to England soon and she wants to include a visit to the Dorset area. That's one place where we suspect a maybe-plausible connection, with the Frampton area Bartletts... Having been able to have a y-DNA test done could have been helpful but neither of us have any living male Bartletts in our lines. :-(
James Bartlett
March 30, 2019 @ 10:29pm
We have some funds for a Y-DNA test that might show a link to the UK - We can share costs, or for a really good pedigree, we would pay for the test. I, too, would like to get a Match in the UK.
Brian Bartley
June 23, 2019 @ 10:06pm
My line is through John Bartlett who was in Windsor CT by 1640. According to Savage John Bartlett of Windsor and George Bartlett of Guilford CT were brothers. I know of k\no evidence to support the assertion. Are you a match with the RW Windsor group?
Jonathan Badham Jonathan Badham has a question!
November 4, 2018 @ 10:08am
Hi My name is Jonathan Badham do any of you have Bartletts from Churchstanton Somerset/Devon
Valerie Quinn
November 16, 2018 @ 6:14pm
I think my Bartletts come from pretty close to Somerset. They seem to hail from Mosterton/South Perrott in Devon. My ggm was Dorothy Bartlett Hull so her mother was a Bartlett who married a Hull
Ray Conn
March 27, 2019 @ 1:05am
I have loads Jonathan. Bristol, Bridgewater and Fowey
Barbara Bartlett Huff
May 10, 2019 @ 1:20pm
Hi Jonathan, Valerie, and Ray! How about BIDEFORD, DEVON, BARTLETTs? any descendants of Nonconformist minister William Bartlett born ca 1609 or 1610 to died ca 1682? (and/or his son John)? William Bartlett was one of the estimated 2,500 ministers ejected in 1662. Wm. carried on his ministry in Bideford & was a founder of the Greet Meeting (later, Lavington church) in Bideford. Or... any descendants of Bartletts from EXETER, DEVON? More 1600s Nonconformists. Gosh, there were a lot of Bartletts in Devon in the ca 1600s time period!., not apparently related! or at least not discernibly related...
Jacqueline Thornton
May 26, 2019 @ 4:32am
I have an ancestor George Bartlett who married Ann Melhuish in Exeter, Devon 1760
Jonathan Badham Jonathan Badham
May 23, 2019 @ 11:04am
Hi Steve my name is Jonathan Badham my Bartlett ancestors came from the Devon Somerset Border in a parish called Churchstanton in the 18th century .