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Charles Bartlett Charles Bartlett
15 hours ago
UGH... Does ANYONE have a CURTIS Bartlett b abt 1810 m Eliza Abbott b abt 1814 on their tree??? Curtis was born in either Vermont or Virginia. He settled in Hamilton County, Indiana (stated on the 1840 and 1850 census). Their marriage certificate is dated in August 1833. Curtis is named on marriage certificate as "~~~~". Their son, John was born in 1834. They also had (at least) a daughter, Hannah Ann and a son, William. Eliza (I believe) is buried between William and his wife, Francis in Indianapolis, Indiana at Crown Hill Cemetery. I have William's death certificate proving his parents are Curtis Bartlett and Eliza Abbott. They are my brick wall... DNA connects my family further back, the break is too great of a distance I can not get it to match up. Please... ANYONE??? Help??? Thank you
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June 23 @ 5:20pm
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Patty Campbell Casey Gold
Harvey Thompson Harvey Thompson has a question!
April 6, 2016 @ 11:18am
I am looking for Bartlett family related to Abraham Bartlett who died in Brigus, Conception Bay Newfoundland 8 AUG 1852, born abt. 1788 and Bartletts who are descended from Devon and or Dorset England Bartletts. who have done DNA testing who are descendants
Jeanie (Plants) Harding
April 16, 2016 @ 8:40am
HI!! Jeanie (Plants) Harding here. Try looking for me or Dwight Bartlett
Homer Bartlett
April 22, 2016 @ 5:43pm
I believe we're also related to the Dorset Bartletts. My father matches 24 of 25 markers with Steve Bartlett.
Valerie Quinn
April 26, 2016 @ 1:40am
Hi Harvey, my name is Valerie and my Bartletts hail from Sth Perrott/Mosterton, Dorset. My GGM is Dorothy Bartlett and her father was Thomas Bartlett. She married a Hull, My grandfather was Robert Bartlett Hull and he came to Australia. He was born in Sth Perrott about 1823. His mother Dorothy Bartlett about 1797, her father was Thomas Bartlett. I am not finding any matches with anyone even though these Bartletts were easy to trace.
Steven Bartlett
June 21 @ 1:51pm
Hi Homer Bartlett tell me more of your 25 markers to Steve Bartlettt thanks maybe a match. I have a horace albert, Daniel S , Nathaniel who married Martha Jane Pinkham. Now stuck from there back looking for Nathaniel Bartletts father
Susan Quillman Susan Quillman
August 17, 2016 @ 12:56pm
My great grandmother was Mariah Bartlett b. 1840 in Cornish, Sullivan County, New Hampshire. Her father was Florival Bartlett supposedly b. Cornish, New Hampshire abt 1808. No birth records, marriage records, or death records found. There are quite a few Bartlett families also living in and around Cornish but have not been able to connect. Looks like I am down to DNA.
Steven Bartlett
June 21 @ 1:45pm
I had a Nathaniel Bartlett b1791 married in stanstead county Martha JanePinkham
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April 2 @ 11:26am
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Mike Bowler
Mike Bowler
April 2 @ 11:52am
Hello all. My mother's maiden name is Bartlett, and I have traced the Bartlett paternal line from her father (Paul Bartlett 1891-1951) to Richard Bartlett (1580-1647) on Ancestry. Prior to this search I knew little of my family story, except that I had a great-grandfather Ephraim who lived in Colorado and married Maria Torres. I would love to learn more of the history of the Bartlett name, and share discoveries along the way. I have taken the Y67 and Mt Full Sequence tests and await the results. Kit#B169624.
Steven Bartlett
June 21 @ 1:25pm
OUr bartlett also went to Colorado they were all dentist William Bartlett
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March 12 @ 3:59pm
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Peter Nightingale Doris Greaves Joseph Willey James Hamren
James Hamren
March 14 @ 11:30am
Nice to "meet" you. Question - I uploaded my 23andMe results on Sunday 3/12 and on the MyFTDNA dashboard I see "Family Finder Your autosomal testing Results Completed: 3/12/2017". However when I click on matches it tells me "Your Family Finder Matches results are still processing. Please check back in 24 hours." This is now twice 24 hours and it is still processing. I used the "Contact Us" form to report this, but I'm wondering if this is common? Also, when it does complete, will my kit # automatically show up on the classic chart?
Cecil Bartlett
May 9 @ 7:06am
Hello James, your Bartlett line is the same as our line. My father is a Y match with the Robert Bartlett line and Barbara Bartlett Foster's brother. Have you uploaded your 23andme results to GEDmatch? There are nearly 100 Robert Bartlett descendants in a group that have been identified. I am in the process of grouping the results on each of the chromosomes. If you decide to upload your results to this free site please let me know. You will be assigned a new kit number. The benefits of GEDmatch is that we can compare our autosomal results to those who have tested at various testing companies who upload their results. Barbara Bartlett Thomas
Steven Bartlett
June 21 @ 1:22pm
Hello James Is your Nathaniel Bartlett Married to a Martha Jane Pinkham????
Steven Bartlett
June 21 @ 1:23pm
I am looking for Nathaniel Bartlett b1791 Father's name nathaniel married Martha Jane His wife born 1796
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June 18 @ 7:39pm
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James Bartlett
Reed Bartlett Reed Bartlett
March 24 @ 3:35pm
Just received my results from my DNA. I am hoping to solve the mystery that we have been working on for 60+ years. My lineage going back is: Harold Bartlett 1916 (Michigan), Lewis Bartlett 1893 (Michigan), George Walter Bartlett 1853 (Michigan), John Harrington Bartlett 1821 ( Vermont), Josiah Bartlett 1782 (don't know birth place by died in Arlington, Bennington, Vermont.) We can't find where Josiah was born or who his parents are. In Arlington, Vermont, there are three Bartlett's living during the last part of 1700's and early 1800's - Josiah H born about 1745 and Eliphalet born about 1771. Don't know for sure these three are related but could be father and two sons. We can't find where any of them are born. Does anyone have any information that would link any of these up with the previous generation? My DNA definetly links me to Richard Bartlett in Newbury, Essex, Mass but can't find the connecting links.
Susan Quillman
April 23 @ 12:18pm
Interesting. My BARTLETT line wound up in Michigan, also, and 1845+/- coming from Cornish, New Hampshire, which is right next to Windsor, Vermont. Have several Bartlett families in the area but like you, unable to connect. On 1880 Census, states both his parents were born in Connecticut. Think I know which ones, but ~~ .
Steven Bartlett
June 17 @ 11:28am
do you have a nathaniel Bartlett married Martha J. pinkham b 1774
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June 13 @ 8:57am
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Ted Cooper
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June 10 @ 5:29pm
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