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Within the Barron Y-DNA Project, there are currently 159 individuals who have done Y-DNA testing. Of these, 133 have been grouped into 14 distinct,unrelatedClans, and 26 Individuals are so far "Unassigned".  Click here to see details for each clan and its members, and for unassigned members. Interestingly, a majority of the unassigned participants and all but one of the Clans descend fromHaplogroupR-M269.  

For adetailed chart presentationof allmarkervalues for all participants below,click here.  For Barron DNA Project members, be sure to sign into your Family Tree DNA account to view all participants. If you are not signed in, you will see only a partial listing.  While the determination of the exact value of eachmarkervalue is an advanced science, the statistical interpretation of the results is not. We encourage any reader to contact the Project Co-administrators for assistance in evaluating individual relationships.  You'll find admin names and email contacts in the left-hand column of this page.  


If you are wondering what a "clan" is, how it is formed, how clan members are related to each other and otherCommon Questionsyou can visit theBarron DNA Project FAQ pageor simply click one of the questions below.  

·      What is a clan?  

·       How are clans formed?  

·       How does the Barron DNA Project determine if two or more members match or what clan they match?  

·       What is meant by loosely or closely related clan?  

·      What is a Non-Paternal Event (NPE)?  

·       My own and/or an ancestor’s surname is Barnes, how am I a Barron?  

·       How can one know they are related to the other individuals in the clan if the Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) isn’t known?  



For more information on Haplogroups,click here.  


For moredetailed analysis and findings for various clans - and other research and resource links.