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The Barron DNA Project is an all-volunteer endeavor dedicated to identifying the various Barron lineages existent today in the USA and abroad.  The DNA technology used in this project is state-of-the-art and in some cases, cutting edge.  An 8-marker test for the Y-chromosome DNA was used to confirm the probability of at least one child born out of a  relationship between Thomas Jefferson and his slave Sally Hemings.  We will use a much higher resolution 37-marker (or 67- or 111-marker) DNA test for our project.

We have initiated this project under the auspices of Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), a Houston-based company specializing in the commercialization of DNA technology.  FTDNA will provide us the tools of analyses and the internet web space to facilitate this search for our Barron ancestral lines.

To join our Barron project, review this material and decide if you (note:  the Participant furnishing the DNA sample , or derivative thereof!) want to participate, then click on the "" banner at the top of the page.  Note that when ordering the Y-DNA test, we highly recommend the extended -37 or -67 marker test.  We have encountered a few tests in which a participating male matched perfectly on the first 25 markers, only to have substantial differences on the extended test results.  You will be contacted by one of the Project Administrators and your order will be entered.  The kit will be mailed to your home address the next day.  Payment will be due only upon your return of the kit to FamilyTreeDNA in Houston, Texas.

Results will be posted on this website.  Individual DNA results will be posted only if the participant has agreed in writing to divulge his DNA test results.

Participation in this Y-DNA Project

All Barron males are welcome to participate in this study!  Many surnames cut across traditional boundaries of race, creed and/or color.  We welcome participation of all Barron males regardless of racial or ethnic background.  Black Barron males may wish to explore their heritage amidst the confusion that arose during slavery.  Likewise, rumors abound in the Barron history concerning Native American blood and we welcome the opportunity to document these cases.

The Goal of this project is to provide all Barron surname family genealogists or researchers the means to connect his or her Barron family history with other Barron lines through the use of the male Y-DNA.  When we are able to closely connect one Barron Y-DNA participant with another through the means of the test results, we group these individuals together in a "Clan.  By definition, "Clans" are "groups of people who have a common ancestor."  In order for an individual to be assigned to any Clan, their 37-marker Y-DNA test results must demonstrate at least a 90% probability of having a Common Ancestor within the past 15 generations with any other individual in the Clan.  Thus, the reader of this section will want to begin looking for a Barron Family Clan with which they will want to align their research.  Start by looking in the "Results" tab, above.