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About us

Our project was started at Family Tree DNA the last part of August 2002. Not long into the project we found that there was at least one Barrett who had been tested in March of 2001, kit number 440. We asked FTDNA to contact him and as a result he is the member who has had his results the longest.

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Grouping is based primarily on tested orpredicted Haplogroups

Group Hap E

Group Hap G

Group Hap I

Group Hap J

Group Hap R

Group Hap R-01a – Y-DNA results are very similar to  Group R-01b but no known connection to Reuben

Group Hap R-01b – Descendants of Reuben Barrett,died 3 March 1814 Greenville Co., South Carolina

Group Hap R-02 – Members of Haplogroup R,most with a connection to Ireland

Non Barrett Y-DNA – Members not having theBarrett surname and without Y-DNA Barrett matches beyond 12 markers

Ungrouped – New members waiting for the project administrator to group them