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As the Barfoot/Barefoot Family traveled from the East-coast, into the different areas of the newly forming United States, they left descendants in many locations. Through traditional research, many have found paths to their past, but for some, the paper documentation can be only a theory. Our Goal is to establish DNA data to help prove or disprove some of these theories. With the DNA data, we will strive to create a database of names and locations of all of the Barfoot/Barefoot families in the United States, then further our research to across the pond. This project focuses on men and women everywhere who bears the surname BARFOOT or BAREFOOT,and other variations of this Surname. If you have this family name in your genealogy, but it is NOT your surname, please consider joining anyway. The DNA results from this group will reflect data from those who have tested their Y-DNA and their mtDNA. Family Finder results will not show up, but please join too if you have the above surnames in your family tree/line. Sometimes you have to go through the back door to find who you are. If you have tested with another firm, please contact us about the possibility of getting those results transferred across to FTDNA. contact email: or