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This group DNA Y Project has two primary objectives. The first relates to determining relationships between persons and families bearing the name variants in recent times. There are many BAIRD, BARD BEARD, (and other associated surname variations) throughout North America and the world that may have direct connections through a common ancestor.

Or, They may have more remote, indirect, or distant connections with each other, partly because surnames became modified over generations as families migrate to new areas, and for various other reasons. The second, broader objective then, is to trace all BAIRD, BARD, and BEARD, and variants back into Europe and beyond to determine their connections via a common ancestor. Participation in the project is limited to males bearing the BAIRD, BARD, BEARD (or variant) surnames (see below for some examples). Females bearing this surname may participate by encouraging their father, brother, uncle, or male cousin to submit a DNA sample for testing. Some other project goals involve data found in genealogy works such as, The Bard Family by G.O. Seilhamer, as well as other books and research sources. Potential secondary goals for this project are to determine affiliations:
1. Between various lines of Archibald BEARD (BARD) the immigrant ancestor of a Western Pennsylvania BARD line.
2. Between African American and other family lines that have undocumented oral traditions of connections.
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