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BARD & Variant spellings

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About us

is Web site describes a group study for ALL variations and branches of the BAIRD, BARD, & BEARD surname.

Announcing the New BAIRD, BARD, BEARD Y DNA Surname Project. We hope to attract other male, BAHR, BAHRT, BAIDE, BAIRD, BAIRDE, BAIRT, BAR, BARD, BARDE, BARR, BART, BARTH, BAYARD, BAYRD, BEAIRD, BEAR, BEARD, BEER, BERD, BIARD, BIERD, BIRD, MACINWARD, WARD (and all other surname varations) as participants who are similarly interested in this group project.

The evolution of languages, words and names has always been very interesting. An example of one of our immigrant ancestors is Archibald BEARD, whose sons often referred to themselves, and were often referred to by others (officially and unofficially) as BAIRD, BEARD, or BARD. The entire branch of this particular family later became uniformly known as BARD. This 3 name (BEARD, BAIRD and BARD) variation phenomenon took place in only two generations, and after immigration to the USA!

But what about all the other US variations that took place in other lines, and what about the totally "out of sight" potential old world variations of the surname? For this particular line mentioned above (Archibald BEARD-BARD) we have no European data, and are completely blocked concerning which surname variations were used in the old world, so it would seem to be safe to assume that many other families, that have one of these surname variations, would likewise have problems connecting to their long-lost ancestors.

Right now, at this point in time, there seems to be only one viable means to overcome the obstacles that name variation presents to ALL of us, and make any pre-immigration genealogical sense out of all of this... And that is DNA research. This is something that, by its nature, has to be done by many of us together to get the results that can help us all. The cost of having a DNA Y test done is rather expensive for most of us, but FamilyTreeDNA has set up a general fund that will match the contributions of any donations, which might help some people who are wondering if they should have the tests done.

If you have ANY questions or reservations concerning this DNA Y study research, please feel free to e-mail the study administrator and/or browse the various FAQ and help files on the FamilyTreeDNA Web site.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Y study or its findings, or if you wish to participate... see, Or the Group Administrator:
Thanks for your participation and your interest,