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About us

The Avotaynu DNA is a project operated by the Avotaynu Research Partnership LLC, a subsidiary of the non-profit 501(c)(3) Avotaynu Foundation, Inc.

The Procject administrators utilize combined the Y chromosome and mitochondrial results of various existing FTDNA geographic, haplogroup and surname projects to help identify areas in need of further research and thereby better serve our members, and to facilitate historical population studies of the Jewish people.

We eagerly welcome new members who want to contribute to their DNA results and family history to the cause of Jewish genetic genealogy.  

If you wish to join--and we hope you do!---please be sure you have adjusted your privacy settings (a tab under Manage Personal Preferences) to allow administrators to see your ydna and mtdna coding region results, or your information can't be used!  And please also be sure your oldest known ancestry information is complete as possible (go to the "Genealogy" tab under Manage Personal Preferences). In that same section, after your ancestor's name, please indicate if he was known to be a Cohen or Levite.