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About us

(1) To try to learn more about both the ancient people who preceded the beginning of the Assyrian Empire and about the ancient Assyrians.

(2) To try to help Assyrians learn about the migration paths of their ancestors during the diaspora after the fall of the Assyrian Empire in 612 B.C.

(3) To encourage participants to add their DNA test results to the National Geographic Genographic Project after they receive their DNA test results. The Genographic Project is a landmark five-year study that will assemble the world's largest collection of DNA samples from people living in all parts of the world to map how humankind populated the planet. Since Assyrians descend from such a significant ancient civilization, a large sampling of Assyrian DNA needs to be represented in the Genographic Project's database.

(4) To help Assyrians who live in the USA and other western countries find relatives who are living in the West and/or in the Middle East. Men with matching or very similar 37 marker Y-DNA scores will have excellent evidence that they are related. They can then communicate with each other to try to determine who their common Assyrian ancestor was.