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About us

Membership in the Alsace Geographic Project is open to any male who has a patrilineal (yDNA) connection to Alsace. This means that in order to join this group, the man who has tested must have a known, all-male line that connects him to a male ancestor who lived in Alsace  Since this is a yDNA group, and females do not have a Y-chromosome, the known ancestry between the group member (or potential member) and his Alsatian ancestor can not contain any females.  It's important that group membership be restricted in this way so that comparisons between  members' y-haplogroups and y-haplotypes are representative of Alsatian heritage.

The French Region of Alsace is currently composed of two Departments: Haut-Rhin. (Dept. 68) and Bas-Rhin (Dept. 67).  This project does NOT include the region of Lorraine.