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Liston, Alliston and Elliston and related names

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About us

For Scottish Liston and Essex Alliston families ( FGC14641+ ) we are looking for an STR indicator of DYS 413 of 21-23 

For the Irish Listons we are looking at STR Indicator of DYS 413 23-23 please join the other Liston project if you have this marker.

Both Lineages are quite old dating back hundreds of years which means that STR matching does not always show the relationship on the FTDNA calculations.

To confirm the relationship a SNP test is required, preferably the Big Y.

For this reason membership of this group is restricted to those with at least Y111 markers.

Other surnames are connected to these families via events such as occupation, adoption, non paternal events and taking the name of the Lord of the manor.

If you have a name with the above STR markers and and an SNP of U106 or U152-L2 it is worth joining as often there is paperwork linking different families.