Liston, Alliston and Elliston and related names

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We have now published the early Essex Liston family here There currently seem to be several male Y lines using the Liston surname. This site is setup to research the more distance relationships in these families as opposed to the shorter term being investigated in the other Liston project. The Alliston family are found mainly in East Anglia, names associated with them are Elliston, Alston and Austyn The Liston family were originally found in Scotland and East Anglia and the Liston variant still exists in Scotland although it seems to have disappeared in the 1400's from Essex when the Alliston/Elliston and Alston variant became more widely used. These two branches seem to share a common male ancestor and are R1b - U152. The Liston family in Ireland have records dating back to the 1600's. They seem to be related to the Windley family from Derbyshire/Nottingham ( U106 project ). There are records that indicate they may possibly derive from the De Lexington family who came from the manor of Lexington in Nottinghamshire. The Lexington family were Judiciars in the time of Henry III and allied to the De Burgh family. It is worth joining both projects if you are researching the Liston variant. also there is the Alston project. The Alston surname has several origins and can be found here: The Scottish line seems to have a common male ancestor with the Alliston family about 900 years ago which coincides with when Godfrey The Chamberlain is recorded as the deceased husband of Avicia De Liston in Essex 1185 and also as a witness to a charter by Malcolm IV in Scotland in the 1170s. The East Anglian family are just about traceable from this time as they held an inherited Grand Serjeancy associated with Liston manor. The U106 Liston project is focusing on the shorter term links between the families mainly in America as is the Alston project.