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R-M269             Allday / Alday - Colonial Virginia Allday / Alday (migrated all over the United States).
                        Testers so far from Alabama, Florida to California.
                        Need testers from all other states.

R-M269             Allday - London, Middlesex, England (matches the Colonial Virginia United States Allday / Alday family (400 years to common ancestor)

R-M269             Alday - Birmingham & Oxfordshire England Allday clan.  This paternal Y-DNA also matches the English Audley family.

R-M269               Alday - Spain.  Shares the Allday/Alday haplogroup and matches an Alday in France. 

I-M253              Allday - London, Middlesex, England (does not match the Colonial Virginia United States Allday / Alday family or the other London Allday or the other                         Birmingham/Oxfordshire England Allday. (Seems to match American Webb males).  Could be an adoption after arriving to the USA but more Allday testers are                                 needed in England to find more Allday matches to the I-M253 line there so that it can be further resera     

Q-M3                Alday - Mexico Alday line.  (Now lives in California). 

Argentina           Alday - Still awaiting the results of this one.

Note:  Having the same haplogroup (R-M269 for example) with others does not mean your paternal line matches in recent genealogical history.  If the line falls outside of re-searchable history, sometimes they will not show up on the Y-DNA match list.