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About us

The Alcorn Surname Project was established to utilize new scientific discoveries and methodologies to assist us in our Genealogy Research. This new field of utilizing testing for genealogy research is called Genetic Genealogy. Any variation of the Alcorn name is welcome: Allcorn, Alchorne, Alchehorne, Aldcorne, Auldcorne, etc. We all should be related somewhere in the past.

Scientists have discovered that a small portion of the Y chromosome, which is found only in men, is passed from father to son, virtually unchanged. This section of the Y chromosome does not have information that defines a person, it simply has some markers which are passed from father to son unchanged, except for a random mutation about every 500 generations. [Mutation does not signify any thing negative. It is simply a scientific term for a change.] There is nothing in these markers that can be used to identify medical problems or to have any legal implications.

The test result is a string of 12 numbers. These numbers have value when compared to the results from another male. By comparing the results, you can tell if the two men had a common ancestor, and approximately when the common ancestor occurred.

The results of the DNA tests will be made available on the internet for interested Alcorn researchers. They will help us in our efforts to unravel some of the mysteries of time. If two or more Alcorn participants match 12
out of 12 markers, then it can be stated with reasonable certainty that a common ancestor existed for all such participants, possibly as early as the latter part of the eighteenth century, or even into the nineteenth century."