Airgialla Mag Uidhir

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About us

10 Oct 2010 Project created.

31 July 2011 Project continues to grow!! While we await the results of our WTY in kit 143742, for those who are L69.4+ two new SNP have been found - L614 and L642....recommend all L69+ test for these SNPs.

27 Jan 2012 Project is at 34 members. While the WTY for kit 143742 found no new SNPs, it appears L69.5+ is gaining validity in identifying our clan...11 members are (+) to date.

09 Feb 2012 Project is at 107 members. It appears L69.5+ remains a valid SNP in identifying our clan...30 members are (+) to date.  6 BigY tests and one FGC next generation genome sequencing tests are awaiting results in search of a new, more stable SNP and likely a series of sub-clade SNPs that show better resolution within the known genealogies.

31 Oct 2014 Project contains 120 members. The results of NGS testing shows several new SNPs that provide breakouts within our clan in historic genealogy. FGC9807 appears to be at the same level as L69.5. FGC9804 breaks out the Byrne/Burns/Breen branches so far, more may join with future testing. Z16337 breaks out the McCown/McKown clan who are P66+.  As more NGS testing is completed, more branches will follow!

01 Nov 2020 the Project has grown to 243 mbrs! Of those, there are 219 Y DNA STR signatures, the majority are A2!  Beginning the compilation of both Mag Uidhir Projects, so far 317 combined kits ranging from A1, A2, Other Hg