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The UCL Study revealed two elements of interest. Some 32% of the volunteers revealed a common haplogroup compatible with origins 1,000 years ago on the Isle of Man. An additional 12% revealed a common haplogroup compatible with Scandinavian origins. Both of these groups are compatible with our oral traditions and history.

Although it is too early in the FamilyTreeDNA study to report any overall conclusive results, sufficient data has been accumulated to address several specific points. Articles by Dr. Alexander C. MacLeod describing these have been published in the Clan MacLeod Magazine, as follows:

1. McLeod Lines: A Genetic Case Study. October 2005. (Delineation of a Mcleod family with three McLeod lines, created where two McLeod females from one line married male McLeods from two other lines.)
2. Genetic Studies in MacLeod Cadet Families. April 2006. (DNA testing of surviving cadet families of both the Harris/Dunvegan and Lewis/Raasay branches of Clan MacLeod.)
3. Sandhills Streams and MacLeod Genes: Five Emigrant Families. April 2008. (DNA testing of the descendants of MacLeods/McLeods who settled in the Sandhills region of North Carolina.)
4. Haplogroup Studies in Clan MacLeod. October 2008. (Analysis of the haplogroup results in Clan MacLeod DNA studies.)