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THIS IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED AS THE PROJECT WEB SITE. Please visit our main web site THIS IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED AS THE PROJECT WEB SITE. The earliest known Chandler to settle in the New World was immigrant JOHN CHANDLER who landed at Jamestown on Sunday, June 10, 1610. He had traveled among about 30 settlers aboard the "Hercules," smallest of three ships in the expedition led by Sir Thomas West of Hampshire, Lord Delaware. Fragmentary land records in Elizabeth City County (now City of Hampton) make it virtually certain that John's older son and heir was JOHN II, but this male line ended with JOHN IV in 1728. Living descendants of ROBERT, believed on good circumstantial evidence to be the younger son of immigrant John, number in the thousands in the United States, perhaps a majority of them still residing in the South and near Southwest. Immigrant JOHN may have had a brother named NICHOLAS who remained in England or settled in the West Indies. A search for him and possible descendants is in progress, as is a search for proof of immigrant JOHN's English homeplace. Many other Chandler lines have emigrated from England to the New World in the succeeding four centuries.