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Wing, Winge, Wyng, Wynge


This site is designed to be a repository for all Wing [Wynge, Winge, etc.] families. Tradition states the Wing families in England derive from one of the two villages named Wing [in Rutlandshire (Wikipedia article: and Buckinghamshire (,_Buckinghamshire)].

It is interesting to note the etymology of the two Wing villages. It appears the village of Wing in Rutlandshire was located in the Danelaw (see, and was likely settled by the Scandanavian Vikings during the 9th Century. The village of Wing in Buckinghamshire was outside of the Danelaw, and appears to have been settled by the Anglo-Saxons (see The surname of Wing does not properly belong to a single family. DNA testing has shown that the common ancestor of different Wing families likely lived more than 10,000 years ago (long before the adoption of surnames).

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