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About us

We currently have results back on multiple descendants of all three of the sons of Rev. John Wing and Deborah Bachiler who left male descendants living today. We also have a DNA participant who descends from a Wing family supposedly from Oxfordshire England (where Rev. John Wing came from). The results of this test showed he belonged to an entirely different haplogroup, with a common ancestor living more than 10,000 years ago.

Our goal is to eventually obtain multiple test results from descendants of each of the grandsons of John & Deborah. As more people are tested, it may be possible to identify when certain mutations occurred. With this information, it may be easier to place which line a person descends from, when we are unable to properly track their ancestry using tradition (paper) genealogy.

The One Thousand Genome Project has identified a number of previously undiscovered Y-DNA SNPs. A chart showing the phylogeny of these SNPs below U106 can be viewed http://www.box.net/shared/mq46jpryilbq6cj9zsbk A couple of these new SNPs are currently being tested through FT-DNA.  One member of the Wing Y-DNA project has tested these new SNPs and been found to be derived for Z8.