R1b-U198- Background



M467, R1b, R-U198, S29, U198


IMPORTANT - New SNPs have been found downstream of S29/U198 - IMPORTANT - see news section for details - contact Chris or John for further information

This is a project to help draw together those who test positive for the SNP known as M467, S29 or U198, in other words the haplogroup currently known as R-U198.

Please see our main project website for full details and interesting information on this group:


Those who have tested positive ("derived") for M467, S29, U198 or the equivalent (an "A" at rs17222279) are welcome to join with their Y-STR marker results (e.g. Y-DNA 37, 67 or 111).

mportant points to note:

1. If you want accurate information on this haplogroup you should talk to us directly

2. We choose to display Y-STR results, SNP test results and other non-private data as a courtesy to our members and other bona fide researchers. We expect respect for our project, its members and its unpaid, volunteer administrators at all times

3. All those who have been sub-grouped in this project are U198+ regardless of what is showing in the haplogroup designation or the SNP test results. This FTDNA website displays only FTDNA tests and many of us tested our identifying SNP with another company

4. U198+ status is very easy to predict, for most men, from the FTDNA YDNA 37 marker results with high confidence; from 67 markers with very high confidence and from 111 markers with almost complete confidence. Whilst we still require an actual SNP test for confirmation, it will save most of our people a little money to talk to us before ordering further testing.

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