The STOCKTON Surname DNA Project - News

The Stockton Surname Project currently has 36 Members

January 01, 2004 The new year brings results from 2 new project members, both DNA donors are from the United Kingdom, we are waiting on the return of a 3 DNA test kit, also a participant from the UK. The results establish another distinct Stockton line for future matches and one line that is only a 1 step mutation away from the Richard Stockton of New Jersey family line, this could represent a match or a very close relationship to our New Jersey Stockon line, we may have found a bridge across the water! With the participation of other Stockton DNA donors we may yet find additional be continued

September 21, 2003 "The Stockton DNA Project has signed on its 2nd participant from the UK, This Stockton line believes its roots may have originated in Malpas (the Richard Stockton from New Jersey, USA. line is also thought to have originated in this area)

August 21, 2003 With the results of our first United Kingdom participate in "The Stockton DNA Project" has now identified 4 distinct and individule Stockton family lines and 3 unique Haplo groups.

July 14, 2003 "The Stockton DNA Project" has its first project member from the UK, we now have 13 Stockton DNA project members representing 4 documented family lines and 3 distinct bloodlines.

June 13, 2003 - "The Stockton DNA Project" has been contacted by several of our English Stockton Cousins and a few members of "The Stockton Society" inquiring about inclusion in the project.........Stay tuned! .