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Heraldic Charges borne by Armigerous Palmers

Not the bishop's crozier in the middle, but the two Palmer's Staves on either side, aka, Bourdons [old French].
A Palmer's scrip, satchel, wallet, purse, or bag.
A Palmer's stave bearing a Palmer's scrip. [Images used by permission from, "An Illustrated Dictionary of Heraldry" by John Cilia La Corte, 2004.]
"Than longen folke to goon on pilgrimages And palmeres for to seken straunge strondes, To fern halwes cowthe in sondry londes"
Prologue, Canterbury Tales - Geoffrey Chaucer, 1370 AD
Ancestry of Members
  • Lines of Descent, for each kit are shown, as given by the owner of that kit.
    • Earliest known paternal ancestor, given by members
    • Paternal ancestry, given by members
    • Time to Most Recent Common ancestor (TMRCA)
    • Phylogenetic tree, from McGee's Y-DNA Utility, Kitsch (Phylip), and Mega
Palmer Distribution Maps