Palmer yDNA Project - Goals

Heraldic Charges borne by Armigerous Palmers

Not the bishop's crozier in the middle, but the two Palmer's Staves on either side, aka, Bourdons [old French].
A Palmer's scrip, satchel, wallet, purse, or bag.
A Palmer's stave bearing a Palmer's scrip. [Images used by permission from, "An Illustrated Dictionary of Heraldry" by John Cilia La Corte, 2004.]
  • To test males surnamed Palmer (and variant spellings)
  • To share these results, and the documentary record of Palmer testers among ourselves.
    • In this regard, please be aware that there are now several other companies offering DNA testing. To share DNA test results beyond FTDNA, please consider posting your results to Ysearch, The tester can post his own results there, or the Palmer Project administrators can with the permision of the tester.
    • I am starting an email distribution list, one-way from me only, for Palmer testers, and non-testers, who may be interested in our Project. If you are a non-tester and wish to be included, please send email to me (my email address at top).
  • To determine by DNA testing and the documentary record, relationships between different Palmer families.
  • To build a social network between researchers and cousins with similar research topics.