Cathcart Y-DNA Project - News

  • July 2012
    Our numbers keep growing... we now have 38 members.
    -  In an effort to explain our genetic test results, we've created a series of pages on another website.  For the moment, our emphasis is on the yDNA results.  Eventually, we'd like to include our participants' other tests (mtDNA, FamilyFinder, etc.).
       -- Main Page (basic information on what we're doing and why).
       -- Groups Page (a partial listing of various Cathcart Groups -- normally defined by its progenitor (oldest known male representative).
  • Feb 2007 - New results posted for participants #1 and #4 and they match Group 1. An upgrade to 37-markers or 67-markers is recommended for participant #1 to further refine the match. The 67-marker upgrade is recommended for all participants.
  • July 2006
    - Participants #2 and #3 have upgraded their tests to the recently debuted 67-marker panel, and match exactly on all 67 markers!
    - Referencing Family Tree DNA's Genetic Distance Chart the match indicates a 95% probability of the common ancestor occurring within the last six generations.
  • May 2006 - Y-chromosome DNA testing has identified two unique Cathcart haplotypes (DNA signatures). Further testing of Cathcart surnamed males will assist in identifying the MRCA (Most Recent Common Ancestor) for each group.