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About us

Our Goals
Further our knowledge of the genetic background of various lines of Cathcarts (including all known surname variations)
Help Cathcart researchers break down their genealogical "brick walls," meet other researchers, and help focus their research by identifying which lines are closest to their own
-  Our group was initially focused on yDNA testing; but has expanded to include mtDNA and other test types.

Auxiliary Website
One of our administrators has created a Cathcart yDNA section on his genealogical website.  Here you'll find additional information about our study and some initial attempts at interpretation of test results. 

Cathcart Clan History
The lands of Cathcart take their name from the River Cart in Renfrewshire. "Caeth-cart' means the 'strait of Cart'. The progenitor of this family appears to have been Rainaldus de Kethcart who, as early as 1178, was witness to a charter of the king's steward to Paisley Abbey. CATHCART CLAN MOTTO"I hope to speed" Source: "Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia" by George Way of Plean and Romilly Squire; Barnes & Noble, 1998