TROTT-DNA Surname Project - Results

Results are posted for the TROTT participants. Results of  the Y DNA tests show, thus far, that the men fall into three broad categories or haplogroups:  I, R1a1a and R1b1a2. 


Some of the matches within some of the haplogroups are identical or extremely close; other situations involve greater genetic distances.  


We all need to recruit more people to join our project.  The more who join, the more we learn. 


Joining the project offers the possible enjoyment of “meeting” relatives in other parts of the world, learning about our past, understanding the relationships between various Trott groups, solving traditional genetic puzzles, etc.  You are encouraged to visit the TROTT One-Name Research Group (TONRG) website for additional help as to your family genealogy. 


We are dealing with an exciting and developing science that continues to provide more answers, but sometimes in doing so, it raises additional questions.  If you are a Trott, or think you may be a Trott, we encourage you to join with us.

This page was last updated on March 19, 2011.