Sutherland DNA Surname Research Project- Background



Southerlan, Southerland, Sutherland, Sutherlin


General Fund

Current balance: $376.00

Type Amount Date Donor Note KitNum Donation Type
Credit $50.00 12/13/2017 John Lewis Sutherland In Memory of Harry William Sutherland - father   Memory Of
Credit $40.00 8/4/2017   Paypal donation on 8/2/17 4BH34699VP8681342   Unknown
Credit $50.00 3/10/2017 ian Traill Sutherland     Individual
Credit $25.00 1/7/2017 Sandra Sutherland Wilburn     Individual
Credit $25.00 7/4/2016 David Christopher Sutherland     Individual
Credit $25.00 4/3/2015 Betty Grandstaff     Individual
Debit $154.00 7/19/2014       Unknown
Credit $250.00 5/21/2014       Unknown
Credit $25.00 7/25/2013 Paul Michaels Keep up the good work. I would like to see some results from Sutherland/Southerland(s) in northwestern Georgia, USA area.   Individual
Credit $40.00 12/23/2012 James Sutherland Thanks for your hard work and dedication   Individual