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CALLING ALL SUTHERLANDS...& those with spelling variations of the original surname of Sutherland: you are invited to join our Sutherland Clan DNA Research Project. Please visit our project blog and website for further information on how to join the Sutherland project and recieve the discounted price, and also to view the project results. If you wish to keep your profile entirely private this is easily accomplished as all results are listed with Kit Number only. For male participants the Y-DNA 37 marker test is often the most affordable. Yet, the y67 test is very comprehensive and will enable the member to determine family relationships within the various matches, more precisely than the y37. Since the development of the BigY-700 test, this has become the ultimate means of working towards identifying the individual branch of the Sutherland or other family a male tester belongs to. We also welcome those bearing other surnames who have Sutherland ancestry and wish to participate in the project, especially those who have taken the Family Finder test. Project Administrator, ; Robert J. Sutherland, Project Administrator and Mark-Sutherland-Fisher, Project Co-Administrator Surnames in Project: SUTHERLAND, SUTHERLIN, SOUTHERLAND, et al.