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Meek, Meeke, Meeks, Meik, Meke, Meyk


The Meek/Meeks surname project was started November 15, 2004. There are now over 275 members in the project. The purpose of this project is to collect information on the Meek/Meeks surname. See section on Goals.


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This project is open to any one named Meek, Meeks or other variant spellings for Y-DNA testing on a male participant. Females may sponsor a male relative. Also welcome is anyone who believes that they may have a biological connection to a Meek/Meeks family. While the primary focus is Y-DNA we also accept males or females for mtDNA and Family Finder testing of any surname connected to a Meek/Meeks line. Note:Participation requires the purchase of a DNA test from a testing company.

The cost of managing the project and operating the web site has been donated by the project administrators and other members. Donations are welcome.

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