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Travis Meek Travis Meek
September 12, 2018 @ 11:35am
I don't know if it helps but my family descends from Washington county ,va!
Noah M
September 12, 2018 @ 5:37pm
It's good to have you in the project! Do you know the name and date of birth of your earliest paternal ancestor? Joe Meek and Stephen Meek, brothers who were both famous pioneers, were originally from Washington County, Virginia. They happen to be related to my Meek line, which is Group E1 in the project.
Travis Meek
September 12, 2018 @ 5:47pm
I don't really know that far but my great grandpa was named James Woodrow meek
May 16 @ 12:08pm
See pg 633, The Meek Family of Washington Co., Virginia, by Danny Fluhart. James Woodrow Meek is cited as descending from James, William, Stephen, William, Stephen, Joseph Meek Sr.. James Woodrow Meek is #2109 in the book, with five children cited: Alice Fay, Mabel Ann, Mary Carol, Ruth Ann, and James William Meek b. 26 Jan 1947. Helpful ?
May 14 @ 8:16pm
I sent in my dna file from Ancestry, will this be be entered and will I see what group I am in?
Noah Meek
May 14 @ 9:59pm
As of a few minutes ago, it doesn't show your Ancestry DNA file as having been uploaded. The short answer is that an Ancestry transfer won't directly show which group in the project you are in because the project is grouped by a type of DNA that Ancestry does not test, but sometimes we can predict which group you will be in based on who you match. Who is your earliest known paternal-line ancestor and where is he from? There are 3 main types of DNA used for genealogy: (1) Y-DNA which is paternal-line DNA that only men have passed down from father to son to son unchanged except by rare mutations, (2) mtDNA which is maternal-line DNA which both men and women have but only women pass on (a man's children inherit their mother's mtDNA), and (3) autosomal DNA which is everything else and which is the vast majority of your DNA that is randomly inherited 50% from each parent. Ancestry just tests autosomal DNA, so it is useful for all branches of your family but the randomness of what DNA is inherited means it's not really useful once you go back about 200 years. The project is grouped by Y-DNA, which only keeps track of your paternal line but which tracks that line back accurately hundreds or even thousands of years.
William Lennard William Lennard has a question!
January 30 @ 11:35am
I keep coming across the Meek name in connections that I can't find a relation to and after taking the YDNA test there are more Meeks than anything else so now I am curious if our name changed or there is a misattributed parentage Has anyone has come across the Lennard name (especially with that spelling)? My family is originally from the Virginia migrating to Georgia around the 1800s.
Noah M
January 30 @ 11:46am
Do you know where they come from in Europe? It's possible you're in the S27900 SNP with Meek Group E (which I am in). That group has lots of common markers, includes men with the surname Powell, and is about 2000 years old. I'd recommend you join the ZZ37 project as well.
William Lennard
January 30 @ 3:52pm
Presumable Ireland, Scotland, or England, but we have not been able to get further back than Virginia. Your guess seems to be likely as Powell is another common name in my YDNA results. I will look into that project. Thank you.
Daniel Brown Daniel Brown
October 2 @ 12:29pm
Has this connection been looked at? Page 65. I have not seen any connection to my Browne/Browns and Mass. Also, I do not know where he saw it but he said that he might have seen a Valentine Browne (My Tree) somehow connected to "Meeks." I however have not seen this as of yet.
Noah Meek
October 7 @ 5:32pm
The surname Meek/Meeks is an English word, but is found throughout Britain (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland) among English speakers. Family Finder results aren't really going to tell you much about your paternal line because the ethnicity estimates are going to factor in every other branch of your family. According to Chris Meek's introduction to Meek Group A, with which your Brown line is associated, Meek Group A is English: The R-U198 project folks would know more about the ancient origins of your Meek-Brown paternal line: As a general matter, your Meek-Brown line is in a large (millions of people) and ancient (5000-ish years old) subgroup of R1b-M269 called R-U106 which is somewhat more associated with ancient Germanic peoples of Continental Europe than Celts or native Britons.
Daniel Brown
October 8 @ 1:22pm
I realize that the peoples in Ireland, Scotland and England come from middle Europe (Celts). According to this link the Meek name was first found in Scotland: Now they could have migrated and started living in England but I feel that is the problem with just saying that an ancestor was English. It's like saying the Scots-Irish were of Irish decent because they lived there. That still doesn't explain why my YDNA-67 was showing a GD of -6 to be Scotland. My most distant relative was Thomas Browne b. Abt. 1622 and d. Abt. 1673. All we really know of him comes from the properties he and his son owned. It was located on Mt. Pleasant that is owned by the Howard county conservancy in MD. Check out their website: Also, "According to those online books" Thomas Browne was in Virginia before 1651. Virginia did not like Puritans then and that is why he, John Browne ( His Brother) , and William Hopkins went to Anne Arundel County Maryland in 1651. Now, according to those online ancestry books their was a seal with a CRANE on it in the archives in Annapolis, MD. The founders of Anne Arundel and Howard Counties, Maryland: A genealogical ... By Joshua Dorsey Warfield, "Browne, of Anne Arundel""Upon an original will, at Annapolis is the stamp of a Stork. Burk traces the LeBrune (Browne/Brown) name, which is fiftieth on the Battle Abbey Roll to Sir Stephen, oldest son of Hugh, on e of the Lords of Wales. His wife was Eva, sister of Griffith, Prince of Wales. His descendants were Sir John of Essex, and Thomas Browne, of London, from whom descended Thomas Browne, Heir, and John Browne, second son of London. Their crest, says Burke, is a Stork, This John Browne, of London is upon our records in the following Letter: "To Phillip Calvert, Hon. Sir: These are to certify, that whereas, George Goldsmith hath promised me to procure me a parcell of land if I could get a warrant, these, therefore, are to desire that you will be pleased to grant me a warrant upon the rights hereunder written. I shall remain, your ever loving friend to command. - JOHN BROWNE. Now, I have not been able to find the link to Thomas or John Browne to those mentioned as of yet mentioned in the text. Another monkey-wrench is the name Browne in itself. The Browne surname is considered an Irish surname. Yes I know it is everywhere but all of these name get their start somewhere. I know this is a bunch of puzzle pieces jumbled together but if it were that easy I would have my questioned answered.
Daniel Brown
November 18 @ 12:09pm
I got my results in for the YDNA 111 today. Seems there is another mutation.
kristy Heaton
January 22 @ 10:22pm
Daniel i inboxed u a brown and meeks couple i have in my tree
Noah Meek Noah Meek
July 14, 2018 @ 3:17pm
Here's a 1833 will by Samuel Meek filed in Carroll, Mississippi naming his brother James Meek as executor. A couple of other Meeks are witnesses.