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Major finding of the project

Over half of the members descend from one of seven unrelated groups of pre-Revolutionary Meek(s) families one of which contains four sub-groups.

The Meek families who lived in S. W. Pennsylvania between 1770 and 1800 who were previously thought to be related are in fact from at least two separate unrelated groups (Group A & Group B).

The Meeks family from 1750 Pitt Co., NC arerelated to Group B from Washington Co., PA.  This connection was previously unknown.

Seven pre-revolutionary ancestors living on the eastern seaboard were found to be related (Group E). These ancestors were: James Meek born @1745, of Ontario, Adam Meek born @1726, of Cecil Co., MD, Joseph Meek born @1744, of Washington Co., VA, Adam Meek born @ 1729, of Mecklenburg, NC, Adam Meek born @ 1746, of Mecklenburg, NC, Moses Meek born @1755 of VA and Mecklenburg Co., NC. John Alexander Meek born 1686 whose family settled in Laurens District, SC, These connections were previously unproven and some members of this group have a good paper trail to Ireland. Joseph Meek of this group is the grandfather of Joseph Lafayette Meek the mountain man. Now project members can determine who might be related to Joe the mountain man.

Over 90% of people named Meek(s) who have tested Y-DNA fall in haplogroup R1b. Four matching members from Britain and Australia represent one Meek family that pre-dates 1800. They are predicted haplogroup I1a (I-L22) (Norse). Other members represent haplogroups E, I, J and R1a.

Several individuals have been connected to other individuals or groups where the connection had previously been unknown.

In a small number of cases members have discovered that despite a good paper trail they were not connected to the ancestor they expected.