FamilyTree mtDNA Haplogroup W and N2a Project - Results

Analysis is being done on the results.

The tree below is adapted from the current standard phylogenetic tree, maintaned by Haplogroups N2a and W are located on the N branch at PhyloTree. Our FTDNA Project includes members with full genome sequences that are not available to PhyloTree. By incorporating these into our analysis we are able to define additional subclades, shown in blue. Clade definitions that vary slightly from those at PhyloTree are in red.


Haplogroup W and N2a Tree descending from N2

N2 A189G, G709A, G5046A, C11674T, T12414C

N2a T199C, C739T, T7581C, G15106A, G16153A, G16319A

W T195C, T204C, G207A, T1243C, A3505G, G5460A, G8251A, G8994A, A11947G, T15884C, C16292T

W1 C7864T

W1a T5495C, C12669T

W1b T4928C, G9612A

W1b1 A10086G

W1c A14148G

W1c1 T11204C, A12648G, C16184T

W1d T8383C, C9278T, A14981c

W1e A8659G, A8887G

W1f T9950C

W1g C16320T

W1h G16145A

W-C194T C194T

W3 T1406C

W3a T15784C

W3a1 A13263G

W3a1a C7151T

W3a1a1 G3421A

W3a1b T10245C

W3a1c G7269A

W3a2 T5291C, T16209C, G16255A

W3b G12923t

W3b1 G189A!, T7058C

W3b2 C1048T, C11516T, A16066G, A16207G

W4 G143A, T196C

W4a T192C

W5 C6528T, A15775G

W5a A10097G, T16362C

W5a1 T10410C

W5a1a T4363C

W5a1a1 A9275G

W5a1a1a 56.1C, T139C

W5a1a1a1 T58C

W5a2 C150T

W5b 60.1T, 63-, 71-

W6 A4093G, T8614C, T16325C

W6a T8610C

W6b T4646C T6297C T8705C

W6c C8002T, C8658T

W7 G185A


Phylogenetic tree created by Peter Fischer and Thena Jones. Webpage created and maintained by Thena Jones. Last updated 6 Jul 2013.