W and N2a Haplogroup

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About us

This project is for mtDNA haplogroups W and N2a as tested at Family Tree DNA and its affiliates (iGENEA and National Geographic's original Genographic 1 Project).

The two haplogroups W & N2a are probably Ice Age old, the oldest known ancient samples within this haplogroup belong to the subclades W1 and W5 dating about 8.000 years back in time, during the time when the first stone age farmers spread from the Fertile Crescent in the Middle East. W5 is almost exclusively European, while W1 is found in Eurasia. Later, during the late neolithic (farming stone age) and early metal working cultures, the subclades W3 and W6 spread from the Central Asian steppes both westward towards Europe and southeastward towards the Indian subcontinent and later further east towards East Asia where it is found among the Mon people of Thailand and Laos.

In this project we have identified about 350 new branches (per December 2020) compared to the official phylogenetic tree and are able to advice some of our members about the ancient origin of their maternal line, as well as later geographic spread and history.

Currently it is not possible to transfer mtDNA results from 23andMe or Geno2. You must have mutations listed in your mtDNA section (MyFTDNA - MTDNA - RESULTS). They must show that you are in W or N2a or one of their subclades.