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21860  Billy Joe Hanks  chezhanks@yahoo.com   

DNA Participant descended from:
James Hanks (possibly, but unproven) b 1791-1800 d bef 1850 MS (James Hanks is in the 1840 census of Tishomingo Co., MS with correct count for sons who appear in 1850 census)
Wiley B. Terry Hanks b ca 1840 TN d 27 Jan 1864 Civil War POW Marion
Co., IN; m  24 Nov 1859 Tippah Co., MS, Mary Ann Robbins (1844-1877)
Henry H. Hanks b Sep 1860 Tippah Co., MS d bet 1910-1920 Lafayette
Co., MS; m1  20 Jan 1881 Lafayette Co., MS  Winnie Jane Singleton 1863- bef 1891; m2 in 1891, per 1900 census, to Mattie B. James
John Curtis Hanks b 25 Feb 1882 Lafayette Co., MS d 13 Apr 1954 Marlow, Stephens, OK, m ca 1904 TX (6 years married per 1910 census) Rebeccca Ruby “Bessie” Shadle (probable but unproven) 1884-1957. NOTE: Winnie Jane (Singleton) Hanks was the mother of John Curtis Hanks
Lewis Estell “Bill” Hanks b 3 Apr 1913 TX d 18 Jul 1953 Marlow, Stephens, OK m  Mary A. Johnson 1916-1992
DNA Participant

25308  Richard Dale Hanks - Contact Don Barnett  dbarnett611@juno.com
DNA Participant descended from:
Abner Hanks (1763-1846) m. Elizabeth Goodwin
Sydnor Hanks (1812-1877) m. Elizabeth Robern Skidmore
John William Hanks (1856-1933) m. Amanda A. Craven
Silvia Newton Hanks (1885-1974) m. Minnie Mullis
Lowell Montell Hanks (1910-1942) m. Leola McCoy
Richard Dale Hanks (1930-2012)

3373 Burl Hanks, Jr. (Contact Tom T. Walker tomnmarg@gmail.com )
descended from:
Thomas Hanks b ca 1600
William Hanks b 1657
Luke Hanks b 1686
Abraham Hanks b 1759 married Sarah Harper
Fielding Hanks b 1784 m Lydia Harper
Cuthbert Million Hanks b 1814 married Millie Ann Garrett
Thomas Boone Hanks b 1854 married Mahalia Tyler
William Henry Hanks b 1878 married Zerilda Jane Hanks
Burl James Hanks, Sr. b 1899 married (1) Elizabeth Akins; married (2) Elsie Wilson

309311  Walter Hanks  Contact whanks@cox.net & Vpaulson0126@gmail.com  
DNA Participant descended from:
Thomas Hancks  ca1630 - ca1674 b Malmesbury, England d VA
William Hanks 1655 - 1704 b North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., VA d VA m Sarah Woodbridge
John Hanks 1690 - 1740 b NFP, Richmond Co., VA d VA m Catherine
Joseph Hanks 1725 - 1793 b NFP, Richmond Co., VA d VA m Ann Lee
Thomas Hanks 1759 - 1834 b NFP, Richmond Co., VA d VA m Elizabeth Ryan
Absalom Hanks 1800 - 1872 b OH d Clark Co., OH m Harriett Climer
Joseph Climer Hanks 1833 - 1869 b Ross Co., OH d McLean Co., IL m Sarah Elizabeth Matheny
Robert Lee Hanks 1861 - 1922 b McLean Co., IL d Cowley Co., KS m Sarah Ann Cline
Father of DNA Participant
DNA Participant

305356  Delbert D. Hanks   diamondmitexas@sbcglobal.net
DNA Participant descended from:
Thomas Hanks c1630-c1675
William Hanks c1650-c1724 m Sarah
Luke Hanks c1679-c1757
Luke hanks b c1710 m Elizabeth b c1711
Joseph Hanks c1730-c1793 m Nancy Shipley b c1735
Thomas Hanks b c1773 m Elizabeth b c1765
Peter Hanks b c1790
Joseph Hanks 1829-1905 m Mary Elba Moore 1826-1897
Calvin Louis Hanks b 1856 DeGraff, Logan Co., OH d 1937 Putnam, OK m Lomanda B. Cooper b 1861 IN d 1922 Putnam, OK
Father of DNA Participant
DNA Participant

Kit 449892  Contact Thomas Hanks  sedohr@ameritech.net
Joseph Hanks (1725-1793) and Ann "Nanny" Lee (1728-1808)
William Hanks (1764-1851) and Elizabeth Hall (1766-1844)
James Hanks and (1795-1856) and  Rebecca Atherton (1802-1888)
William Benjamin Hanks (1834-1892) and Adaline Weigle (1832-1888)
Samuel J. Hanks (1864-1950) and Martha B. "Mattie" Greenfield (1868-1957)
Harold J. Hanks (1900-1976) and Oka M. Houser (1909-1980)
Donald L. Hanks (1927-2001) and Ruth M. Jones (1932-1994
Thomas W. Hanks (DNA Participant)

21402   Billy Lawton Hanks  (Contact Lola M. Ball  toloball@aol.com  )
descended from:
Luke Hanks b ca 1715? d 1789 Anderson Co., SC and Ann (unknown) d 1838
George Hanks b ca 1780
Matthew Elbert Hanks b 1826
Elimus Tobias Hanks b 1867
Aubrey E. Hanks b 1896

21548 Contact   gary@aghanks.com
descended from:
Joseph Hanks (1725-1793) married Ann Lee   (of Nelson Co., KY)
William Hanks Sr. (1765-1851) married Elizabeth Hall    (uncle of Dennis Friend Hanks)
William Hanks Jr. (1796-1846) married Mary Quinn    (brother of John "the rail splitter" Hanks)
Joshua B. Hanks (1827-1864) married Julia Ann Stanfield
Joshua Emerson Hanks (1851-1926) married Mary Elizabeth Patterson
Roy Emerson Hanks (1983-1967) married Sarah Elizabeth White
Chester Harold Hanks Sr. (1907-2001)
DNA Participant

44519  Philip Alan Hanks  (e-mail unavailable...contact administrator:  fabercove@aol.com )
descended from:
William Hanks 1650-1704 m 1678 Sarah Woodbridge 1670-
John Hanks 1690-1740 m 1712 Catharine 17??-1782
John Hanks 1728-1810 m 1762 Susannah 1730-
Abner Hanks 1763-1846 m 1788 Mary Dale 1765-1805
John Dale Hanks 1802-1874 m 1821 Frances McAndrew 1787-1861
John Hanks 1827-1878 m 1854 Martha Waggener 1834-1920
John Hanks 1868-1944 m 1890 Blanche Bonebrake 1868-1951
Donald Hanks 1904-1974 m 1923 Leona Cole 1904-1954
Grandfather of DNA Participant
Father of DNA Participant
DNA Participant

299438 Contact:  jack.delmar@zoomtown.com
DNA Participant descended from:
Adopted at birth in Hutchinson, Kansas.  Biological father, Charles Cecil Wilcox, was in Hutchinson, Kansas or Wichita, Kansas in late 1947 or 1948.
Unknown why Y-DNA matches Hanks surname

91151  Terrill Warren Hanks  terryw.hanks@yahoo.com
DNA Participant descended from:
Peter Hanks (ca.1673-1733) m. Mary Beez
William Hanks (1707-1770) m.Ruth Shipley or Ruth Ryan
Peter Hanks (1737-1830) m. Elizabeth Wyatt
Rev. William Hanks (1770-1825) m. Mary "Polly" Stewart (1771-1856)
James Stewart Hanks (1806-1882) m. Rose Hannah McMullen (1805-1841)
James W Hanks (1834-1870) m. Marium Hughes (1833-1873)
John Stewart Hanks (1865-1940) m. Anna Belle Brown (1870-1958)
Alvin Roscoe "Ross" Hanks (1892-1968) m. Medreth Elberta Vaughan (1895-1987)
Father of DNA Participant
DNA Participant

109066  Craig Allan Hanks Craig_A_Hanks@yahoo.com  &  jmart133@sbcglobal.net
DNA Participant descended from:
Peter Hanks 1737-1830 wife Elizabeth Wyatt
William Hanks 1770-1825 wife Mary (Polly) Stewart
Nicholas Hanks 1799-1880 2nd wife Kasinda Anderson
Austin Hanks 1856-1887 wife Mary Louisa Combs
Dolpha Hanks 1882-1950 wife Etna Ritter
Leo Hanks 1905-1983 wife Waunita Potter
Father of DNA Participant
DNA Participant

11707 Ronnie Lee Hanks rhanks1961@comcast.net
descended from:
Peter Hanks (ca.1673-1733) m. Mary Beez
William Hanks (1707-1770) m. Ruth Shipley or Ruth Ryan
Peter Hanks (1737-1830) m. Elizabeth Wyatt
Rev. William Hanks (1770-1825) m. Mary "Polly" Stewart
Nicholas Anderson Hanks (1799-1880) m. Kasinda Anderson (2nd wife)
Austin Hanks (1856-1887) m. Mary Louisa Combs
Alvin Lewis Hanks (1880-1960) m. Della May Wilkinson
Masel Roy Hanks (1901-1982) m. Blanch Alta Krutsinger
Father of Participant
DNA Participant

178371 Contact Mville5o@aol.com  
descended from:
Thomas Hanks b before 1630*
William Hanks ca 1650*
Luke Hanks b 1685*
Abraham Hanks b 1759 married Sarah Harper
Fielding Hanks b 1784 m Lydia Harper
George S. Hanks b 1817 m Jamima Wireman
Jacob Hanks b 1849 m Florence Cook
William Austin Hanks b 1884 m Anna Klaas
Grandfather Sr. of DNA Participant
Father Jr. of DNA Participant
DNA Participant III
* Hanks Family of Virginia & Westward; Adin Baber, 1965.

36815  Harold Lee Hanks   haroldlh@cox.net
descended from:
Thomas Hanks
Peter Hanks b 1 Mar 1796 (from old family Bible*)
Joseph Hanks
Silas Oliver Hanks (Participant's grandfather, the son of Joseph of Peter of Thomas, is listed in "The Hanks Family of  Virginia and Westward" page 223) b 1854 d 1929 m Anna Frances Grozinger b 1859 d 1936; children were Ira Wesley Hanks; Elba E. Hanks Rogers; John Marion Hanks; Fred J. Hanks
John Marion Hanks b 12/09/1889,1890 or 1891? m Mable Leona Winesburg b 07/01/1896
DNA Participant
* See how the hand written records appear in the old family Bible (printed 1865) below. 

17988 Unvailable

20264  Dr. James Wesley Hanks (Contact information unavailable) 
descended from:
Thomas Hanks (or Hancks) b abt 1630 d Glouster Co., Va (Bacon Rebellion)
Peter Hanks Sr. b unknown m Mary Beez  Aug, 20 1702  Ann Arundale Parish, MD d  unknown
William Hanks (Peter Hanks II) b July 25,1707 d 1770 Loundon Co., VA m Ruth Ryan dau of John Ryan
Peter Hanks III b abt 1737 MD d 1830 Gibson Co., IN m Elizabeth Wyatt Loundon CO., Va
Peter Hanks IV b abt 1765 d Nov 7,1811 Battle of Vinceens, Indiana
Wyatt Hanks Sr, bNov 27, 1794 d 1862 Liberty Co., TX  m Hannah Gates Mabbitt.
Wyatt Hanks ll b Jan 15,1835 d Apr 12, 1863 m Laura Amanda Mabbitt Feb 26, 1857 b Dec 12, 1835 MS d Aug 10, 1927 Abilene TX
Wyatt Hanks lll b Jan 15, 1864 d May 9, 1948 Abilene TX
Hugh James Hanks b Mar 24, 1900 d Aug 7,1993

399634  Robert Yarbro Hanks dawgdktr@aol.com
DNA Participant descended from:
John (Wesley?) Hanks b 1830 TN m  Martha Hanson/Hinson, lived in Tishomingo Co., MS (1850 & 1860 US census), by 1870 census in Tipton Co., TN. John is believed to be brother of Wiley B. Terry Hanks, ancestor of DNA participant 21860. 
William Henry Hanks b 1868 TN d 1941 Tipton Co., TN m Delsemia  Delashmit
Eddie Lee Hanks b 1899 Tipton Co., TN d 1974 Tipton Co., TN m Floy Craig
Father of DNA Participant 
DNA participant


210593  Gregory Hancks
descended from:
William Hancks I (1655-1704) m. Sarah Woodbridge
William Hancks II (1679-1732) m. Hester Mills
James Hancks Sr. (1732-abt 1801) m. Nancy (surname not documented)
Thomas Hancks Sr. (1766-1856) m. Nancy Brooks
Thomas Hancks Jr. (1803-1874 m. Catherine Wells
Achabod Hancks (1840-1920) m. Elizabeth Parmelia Harris
Thomas Franklin Hancks (1879-1969) m. Maud Devere Evans
Frank Hancks (1912-2003) m. Caroline Elizabeth Howell
DNA Participant
20266   Lucas Keith Hanks    KHanks4662@aol.com  
descended from: 
Lemuel Reams Hanks b SC (believed to be son of either Elijah or Esphroditus)
Charles Barfield Hanks of Liberty, MS
Lawrence Lucas Hanks b Liberty, MS
Father of Participant
DNA Participant

N71686  Unavailable

297434  Alan William Hanks  ahanks3122@aol.com
DNA Participant descended from:
Joshua Hanks 1763-1840 m Ruth Bryant 1764-aft1840?
Thomas Hanks 1797-aft1840? m Jane Moore 1799-1852
Canoy Hanks 1830-aft1898 m Martha Wilkinson 1840-xxxx
Gilbert E. Hanks 1882-1961 m Grace Warden 1886-1928
Alan William Hanks (Sr.) 1911-1943 
DNA Participant

11709 Jeff David Hanks -  Joyce Hanks Walker e-mail unavailable
descended from:
Thomas Hanks (1620-1674)
William Hanks I (1650-1704
William Hanks II (1678-1733)
John Hanks (1714-1790)
Epiphroditus Hanks b 1746/47 VA d 1848 Sumpter Co., SC m unknown; children: William b ca 1770; James b ca 1774; Stephen b 1786.
William Hanks III b ca 1770 Dobbs Co., NC d 1833 Shelby Co., TX m Sophie Reams. children: Howell Gilliam b 1802; Elizabeth b 1804; Mary b 1806; James b 1808; Rhoda Ann b 1809; Lemuel b 1814; William b 1816; Stephen b 1817; Sarah b 1819; Hezekiah Ira; b 1820; John E. Wesley b 1822; Sophia Ellen b 1824
William Hanks IV b 1816 SC d 1872 Boone Co., AR m1 Emily Miller m2 Martha Fredricks
Millard F. Hanks b 1851 LA d 1907 m1 Mary Levina "Mollie" Jeffery m2 Eliza Standfield m3 Annie V. Hensley
Jeff D. Hanks (1905-1987)

35412  Unavailable

162874  Unavailable

26536  Contact Kathy A. Ridley   krandart@comcast.net
DNA Participant descended from:
John Hanks b ca 1745 VA d aft Nov 5, 1811 Christian Co., KY m Mary Dawson, Richmond Co., VA
Joshua Hanks b Feb 17, 1787 NC d Feb 3, 1853 Hopkins Co., KY m Easter Gatlin, Hopkins Co., KY
Williamson C. Hanks b Jan 16, 1820 KY d ca 1870/5 m Martha Ann Almon, Hopkins Co., KY
William Ephraim Hanks b Apr 2, 1844 Hopkins Co., KY d Jan 14 1908 KY m Mary F. Stokes, Hopkins Co., KY
Edward Ephraim Hanks b Sept 9, 1879 d Sept 2, 1942 m Ollie E. Davis, Hopkins Co., KY
Harry Verine Hanks b 1905 Nortonville, KY d 1928
William Edward Hanks Waddill b 1928 Williamson Co., IL d 1989 Genesee Co., MI
Father of Participant
DNA Participant
  (Early lineage is SPECULATIVE as follows):
Thomas Hancks IV b 1632 Stow on the Wold England
Thomas Hanks b. ca. 1625/30 Gloucester Co., VA d aft Apr 8, 1674 m Elizabeth
William "The Carpenter" Hanks b Feb 1, 1655 Richmond, VA d Feb 7, 1704 Richmond, VA m Sarah Woodbridge Richmond, VA
William Hanks II b Feb 7, 1679 Richmond Co., VA d May 1, 1732/3 Richmond Co., VA m Hester C. White Mills Richmond Co., VA
John Hanks b June 24, 1714 Richmond, VA d aft 1790 NC m Mary Mott  Lancaster Co.,  VA

13519 Brantley Reid Hanks HaroldandNicole@comcast.net
descended from:
William Hanks I (?)
Luke Hanks (?)
James Hanks 1736-?
Thomas Hanks 1766-?
James Hanks 1811-?
Jerard Hanks 1845-1930
Linzy Lester Hanks 1886-1915
Harry Curtis Hanks 1912-1981

215921 David Hanks
descended from:
William Hancks I (1655-1704) m. Sarah Woodbridge
William Hancks II (1679-1732) m. Hester Mills
James Hancks Sr. (1732-abt 1801) m. Nancy (surname not proven, but believed to be Hamlin)
Thomas Hancks Sr. (1766-1856) m. Nancy Brooks
William Hanks (1800-1869) m. Frances L. Hodges
Parham Walter Hanks (1842-1904) (m.1 Mary J Merricks) m.2 Mary Depew
James Monroe Hanks (1884-1955) m. Sudia Mae Walker
Arbin Cleo Hanks (1913-1982) m. Living
Living Hanks (1953-
DNA Participant

25802  Hubert Edgar Bell, Jr.  edelaine50@gmail.com 
descended from:
Nancy Lyons b ca 1803 (believed to have been unmarried mother of seven children).  Thru DNA evidence, at least one male child connects to William Lyon (no S). Son William H. Lyons b ca 1847 and dau Josephine Lyons b ca 1850 may be children of Thomas Payne, who was not married to Nancy.  Payne was a widower whose wife was named Sarah Lyons.
Josephine Lyons b ca 1850, was unmarried when son Thomas was born in 1878.  She also had dau Sarah V. b 1873.  In 1878 Josephine m Stephen Bell and children took the name Bell. 
Thomas Melvin (Lyons) Bell b 1868 Carroll Co., VA d 1917 Bonne Terrre, MO m Stella Jane Thomas b 1878 Washington Co., MO d 1932 St. Louis, MO
Hubert Edgar Bell b 1903 Bonne Terre, MO d 1988 St. Louis, MO m Frieda Augusta Scholle b 1905 Bonne Terre, MO d 1989 Dallas, TX
     Note:  Looking at the 1870 census for Carroll County, there were 6 Hanks families living at Fancy Gap, VA which sets atop a mountain above Lambsburg.  Several of these Hanks families had teen age sons, about Josephine's age.   It looks to me like all 6 of these families trace back to a Joshua Hanks and Ruth Bryant.  Joshua must have been born before the Revolution.  Would like to narrow the field of Hanks boys down some, but that may not be possible. 

12132  Harold Eugene Hanks   harold_h7@yahoo.com  
descended from:
Richard Hanks, Sr. b 1759 Dinwiddie Co., VA
James Hanks (Revolutionary War...Received Pension) m Mary Starett Aug 26, 1779. Children: Richard, David, William (Billy), Mary (Polly).
William (BIlly) Hanks m Sarah Lyon. Children: Jacob b 1811, James b 1813, Mary b 1816, Samuel b 1818, William b 1820, David b 1823, Frances b 1825, Jennie b 1828, Hugh b 1832.
Dr. Hugh Hanks b July 15, 1832 m Martha Sturgill. Children: Robert L. b 1876; Huff; W. Clinton; Birdie.
Robert L. Hanks b 1876 d 1966 m Louella Richardson
Father of Participant b 1908

13647   Richard Hanks  Rhanks3@aol.com 
descended from:
William Hanks I b abt 1650 d abt 1704 Richmond Co., VA m Sarah Woodbridge
William Hanks II b Feb 14, 1679 Richmond Co., VA d May 1, 1733 Richmond Co., VA m Hester C. Mills
Richard Hanks, Sr. b Aug 14 1723 Richmond Co., VA d abt 1788 NC m Mary Hinds b 1734 
Richard Hanks, Jr. b abt 1762 Amelia Co., VA d Jul 22, 1853 Lincoln Co., NC m Phoebe Hayes b 1768 
Joshua Hanks b May 1, 1789 NC d Apr 24, 1874 Scott Co., IL m Amelia Rape 1800 - 1862
Hardin "Dick" Hanks (also known as Richard) b Aug 22, 1842 Greene Co., IL d Jan 26, 1930  Sullivan, IL m Blanche Andrews 1846 - 1922
James Riggs Hanks b Sep 23, 1871 Glasgow, Scott Co., IL d Jan 12, 1954 Beardstown, Cass Co., IL m Margaret Lawless 1874 - 1956
Hardin E. Hanks II 1901 - 1970 m Martha L. Thompson 1912 - 1988

362025  Thomas William Hanks  twhanks@hotmail.com
DNA Participant descended from:
Joshua Hanks 1760-1854 m 1782/4 Ruth Bryant 1764-1840
Thomas Hanks 1797-1840 m 1819 Jane (Jennie) Moore 1799-1852
Thompson Hanks 1835-1895 m 1855 Caroline (Lucy) Roberts 1838-1930
Edward William Hanks 1864-1957 m 1889 Jennie Rae Harman 1867-1962
Harold Edward Hanks 1905-1980 m 1941 Orphena Marian Voss 1915-1980
DNA Participant


2597 Unavailable

2598 Unavailable


11733 Robert Leroy Hanks  betandbob@juno.com
descended from:
Richard Hanks II b 1762 Amelia Co., VA d bef Jul 22, 1853 m Oct 17, 1785 Phebe Hayes b Nov 8, 1768.  (Richard Hanks II also known as Uncle Dickey to Nancy Hanks Lincoln)  Children of Richard Hanks & Phebe Hayes are:  David Hanks b 1802 Lincoln Co., NC; Joshua Hanks m Amelia Rape; Thomas Hanks.
David Hanks b 1802 Lincoln Co., NC m1 Mary Kinder m2 Polly Johnson.  Children of David Hanks and Polly Johnson are John Henry Hanks; Joshua Hanks m Nancy Miller.
John Henry Hanks b Apr 1, 1849 Lincoln CO., NC d Oct 14, 1913 E. St. Louis, IL (St. Clair Co., IL) m Nancy Jane Hunnicutt b ca 1852. 
Edward Turner Hanks b Jan 18, 1875 Greene Co., IL d Feb 26, 1946 E. St. Louis, IL m Oct 27, 1902 Maggie Abley

43050 Gary Glen Hanks ghanks12@sbcglobal.net  
descended from
Thomas P. Hanks b Dec 12, 1855 Grayson Co., TX d Apr 26 1889 Williamson Co., TX m 1876 in Bell Co., TX, Mary Alice Bennet b 1859 McLennan Co., TX d 1948
James Howard Hanks b Mar 12, 1879 Williamson Co., TX d 1915 Wilbarger Co., TX m 1903, in Bell Co., TX Tishie Mary McFarland b 1886 Burnet Co., TX d 1947
Father of Participant
DNA Participant

171920  unavailable

121431  Contact Lorie Greenwood  lorie.greenwood@gmail.com
DNA Participant descended from:
1) Benjamin Hanks b. 1665 England (Malmsbury or Donington), married 8 May 1700 in MA Abigail Heiford, he d. 9 Jan 1755 Easton, MA.
2) Benjamin Hanks b. 16 Jul 1702 Duxbury/Pembroke MA, married 23 Apr 1724 Marshfield, MA Mary White, he d. 10 Jan 1787 Mansfield, CT
3) William Hanks b. 23 Oct 1728 Saquish Island, Plymouth, MA, married 4 May 1758 Mansfield, MA Hannah Sargent, he d. 30 Jul 1807 Pawlet, VT. (He fought in the Revolutionary War)
4) Oliver Hanks b. 7 Dec 1777, MA, married 25 Feb 1799 Pawlet, VT Deidemia Porter, he d. 20 Jun 1859 Pawlet, VT.
5) Romeo P. Hanks b. 11 Aug 1800 Pawlet, VT, married Eunice Chamberlain, he d. by drowning Hackensack, NJ 1 Jul 1841
6) Sylvanus Hanks b. 14 Feb 1832 Westport, NY, married Anna Olive Coons in VT or Canada, he d. 21 Sep 1892, Newport, VT.
7) John Milton Hanks b. 1862, Sutton, PQ Canada, married 9 Dec 1889 in Jay, VT Lillian Huntley, he d. 19 Nov 1918 in Rumney, NH in the flu epidemic.
8) Gordon Wymond Hanks b. 6 Sep 1892 Newport Center, VT, married 22 Jun 1925 in Rumney, NH Mildred Barney, he d. 6 Jun 1956 in Rumney, NH.


NOTE:  This is how the hand written records appear in the old family Bible (printed 1865) in the possession of Harold Hanks (Participant #36815):

Born March 1st 1796
Born Febuary 18th 1800
Born August 28 1820
Born Born Febuary 13 1822
Born February 3rd 1824
Born March 13th 1826
Born March 31st 1828
Born March 25th 1832  (the 3 could be a 5---I can't really tell, however,the next entry is for
                                   Eunice and the year is 1834 so I assume that 1832 is correct?)
born March 8th 1834
Born May 2nd 1836
Born December 31st 1837
Born February 5th 1839
Born May 8th 1842
Born May 31st 1844
Born May 9th 1830
Born December 4th 1830
married to
           Jan 16th 1854  (this is another figure that is not easily discerned---it could be  
                                    other than a 5. If I remember correctly men were married in their
                                    25th year in those days so 1854 is more likely??
United inLove
United in Heart
May they live to thy
Honor and Glory of God

Son of PETER and
Killed by the fall of
A tree the 2 day of
April A.D 1838
Died the 20th day
of Sepember AD 1844
June 3rd AD 1858
Mother Died
December 5 1869

died Aug. 1, 1897
Feb. 27th 1903
died april 10th 1903
Feb. 21 1905

I have tried to type these records the way that they appear in the Bible.
Obviously not all the people noted above are the children of Peter and Rachel but I included everything that was recorded.
The entries were made by more than one person.
I recognize that some dates are not the same as in "THE HANKS FAMILY  OF VIRGINIA AND WESTWARD"
The Bible was printed in 1865    .....Harold Hanks (Participant 36815)