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                                                 RESULTS ARE IN!  ~  NANCY HANKS LINCOLN mtDNA STUDY

August 30, 2018:   NEW WEBSITE ALERT!  Please visit   https://geneticlincoln.com   for additional details about the Nancy Hanks Lincoln mtDNA Study and much more.

NEWS!  -  October 21, 2015:  New study of the matrilineal kin of Abraham Lincoln's mother Nancy Hanks has demonstrated that Lincoln's mitochondrial DNA belonged to a very rare haplogroup X1c, and has provided evidence of the maternal ancestry of Nancy Hanks Lincoln.

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The Hanks Surname Y-DNA Project, created in 2002, seeks to identify the lines of present day Hanks, Hancks and variants and, together with genealogy research, determine how they are related to one another. 

Y-DNA - To learn more about your paternal lineage, Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) tests the Y-chromosome which is passed from father to son to son, etc. Therefore, in order to participate, your descent must be through a direct male to male Hanks lineage.  If you are a female, you  must recruit a male on your father's side -- your father, brother, cousin, uncle, etc. 

MtDNA - Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), used to learn about your maternal line, is passed down from mothers to both sons and daughters, but sons cannot pass along their mothers' mtDNA to their children.  Since mtDNA mutates very slowly and can be passed unchanged to successive generations, it is not a unique identifier. It is more useful for eliminating mismatches.

Autosomal DNA -  Approximately 1/2 of your Autosomal DNA is received randomly from each of your parents. Both males and females qualify for this test. For autosomal testing, please order the Family Finder test.

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