Garrett, Garratt and variants Family Website - Goals

The Garrett DNA Project is an ongoing project open to any descendant with the Garrett(and variant) surnames. Our primary objective is to try to identify and tie together the numerous Garrett (and variant surname) families as well as prove the various theories that abound regarding our relationships. Current participants' results and furthest-known ancestors can be viewed on our website. Please contact the administrators for further information:

Your ancestor information is requested before joining this project. Please submit data on your earliest-known ancestor, including, the name, date and location. If possible, also include a brief pedigree from you to that ancestor.

You must be able to submit direct-male-line DNA of one of the project surnames for testing to be eligible to participate in this type of DNA genealogical project.

Currently we have:

1 Chamberlain

1 Garratt

50 Garretts

1 Gerhart

1 Jarrett

1 Garrard

6 Other Surnames