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Garrets & and variants. Immigrants to PA, MD & VA 1600s, 1700s & 1st half 1800s.

NOTE: Participants are required to send at least a single line pedigree (from the participant to the earliest known ancestor) to the Group Administrator. Include dates and locations of deaths and births. Include spousal information if known. If possible include the brothers and sisters of those in the direct line to the earliest ancestor. If you have not yet tested to 67 or 111 Y STRs (Short Tandem Repeats) please upgrade.Going all the way to 111 Y STRs supports family tree building when you reach brick walls in your genealogy, since the 111 STR panel is estimated to have a change once every three generations. then move forward with an Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) testing plan so your subclade can be identified and haplogroup labeled properly. Evaluating matches you have at 67 or 111 STRs can be very helpful and should not be overlooked. Our primary objective is to try to identify and tie together the numerous Garrett (and variant spellings of the surname) families as well as prove the various theories that abound regarding our relationships. Current participants' results and furthest-known ancestors can be viewed on our website if you have a Kit with FTDNA. If you have a DNA test with another company or you can transfer results from most other company’s Autosomal DNA test, this will give you a kit number and allow you to have the Family finder part. It's no charge to transfer your results, after transferring you can unlock all the family finder features for only $19.00 Please note that you can only transfer the following files and file versions: 23andMe© V3 23andMe© V4 23andMe© V5 AncestryDNA™ V1 AncestryDNA™ V2 MyHeritage™ files that were created within the six months prior to the time of the transfer. Unfortunately, at this time, you cannot transfer 23andMe© V1 and 23andMe© V2 files.